Airport Transfers In Bukhara

Airport Transfers In Bukhara

Overview About Airport Transfers In Bukhara

Travelling Bukhara, one of the ancient historical cities of Uzbekistan from other major cities of Uzbekistan is now simple as the Airport Transfers In Bukhara offers to come in and out to any cities during Uzbekistan Tours.

Bukhara, the historical city of Uzbekistan has been played role as the economic and cultural centre in Central Asia region and has suffered the attack of different conquerors and rulers. The location of Bukhara on the Great Silk Road makes it as a trading and stopping place for Caravan traders from ancient time. Today, it has emerged like a modern city and the airport in Bukhara is counted among the major Uzbekistan Airports.

Situated 3 km east of Bukhara, Bukhara International Airport provides to fly in and out for any cities of Uzbekistan. Whether you are travelling for Uzbekistan Tours or any work related to business, you can get every type of Bukhara Transportation mediums such as taxis, train, bus, and flight to any cities.

Airport Transfers In Bukhara


On Uzbekistan Tours, Uzbekistan railway is the best option for the Transfers From Bukhara for any cities of Uzbekistan like Tashkent, Samarkand, Nukus, Khiva, Termez, and others. Kagan is a small town which is situated at a distance of 12 km from Bukhara and you can reach there by taxi to get the train for Getting Around Uzbekistan. Train is also an economical way for Bukhara Tours. To save time and for the luxurious accommodation, you can go for Afrosiyab, the most luxurious high speed train.

Bus & shared taxi

After arrival on Bukara Airport, you can opt for bus and taxi for Bukhara Airport Transfer. There are 3 different bus stations and many taxi stands available. For Tashkent, the bus in central bus station takes 8 hour while for Samarkand, it takes 4 hours.

On Gijduvon Street, you can take taxi in Karvon Bazor for Urgench which will take 6 hours. On the corner of Naqshband and G’uzor streets, you can take taxi from Sharq stand near Uzbekistan Airport, for Shahrisabz and Qarshi. It takes 5 hours for Shakhrisabz and 2 hours for Qarshi.


As Airport Transfers In Bukhara is easy like other transportation, there are regular flights to major cities, especially to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Flights take 1 hour to reach Tashkent with a ticket costs approximately $60 per day.

It takes 2 hours to reach Ferghana valley with the cost approximately $60 per week. You can fly for the Moscow and St. Petersburg during Bukhara Tours. Uzbekistan Flights takes 4 hours to reach Moscow and 5 hours for St. Petersburg. But do not forget to take or collect Uzbekistan Visa or e-visa with you.

Airport Transfers In Bukhara
Airport Transfers In Bukhara
Airport Transfers In Bukhara



A new railway near Khiva, connecting Bukhara and Urgench, is available. For Khiva, you can take shared taxis which will take 6 hours.


On Bukhara Tours, you can go for Afrosiyab or any high speed train to reach Samarkand within 2 hours. For economical way, you can choose shared taxi for Samarkand.


Afrosiyab or any other high speed train takes 4 hours to reach Tashkent and normal train takes more than 6 hours to reach Tashkent. For Tashkent, the night train takes 8 hours while in flight, it takes 1 hour. If you are choosing bus, it will take 10 hours and shared taxi takes 8 hours.

Inside Bukhara


There is no need to worry about Airport Transfers In Bukhara after arriving in Bukhara Airport. You can easily get taxi or rent any taxi to travel around Bukhara with the price in between 2000 sum and 8000 sum.


With the price in between 700 Som and 1500 Som as per the distances, the buses run in between 7 AM to 6 PM daily.

If you have planned for Bukhara Tours directly, then you do not need to worry about the Airport Transfers In Bukhara as on the outside of Bukhara, you will get every types of transportation.

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