Khiva Transportation

Khiva Transportation

Introduction About Khiva Transportation

Known as the home of Ichan Qala Fortress or “Open Air Museum”, the first listed UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Asia, Khiva is the integral part of Great Silk Road like other imperial cities of Uzbekistan.

Inside and outside of the fortress, there are numerous monuments of the time period in between 12th and 16th century. Once infamous for the slave trade, today it is the main attraction in Khiva Tours. As the popularity ofg Khiva has gained a lot of fame in worldwide, Khiva Transportation has improvised and has became flexible.

For Khiva Tours, you can choose anyone from the flight, train or taxi, for the capital of Urgench to reach Khiva by the taxi.

Public KhivaTransportation

Transportation By Air

To get the Flights In Khiva, you have to go to the nearest airport which is 40 kilometres away from Khiva city. To reach the airport, you can use car or bus and other public transport. For Khiva, you can buy Air tickets in Tashkent at the Uzbek Air office by paying in US dollars or Uzbek som. It takes one and half hours to reach Khiva. The price of a one-way flight ticket is around US$75. After reaching Urgench Airport, one can take taxi for which will cost USD 762 or 60 000 som.

If you are travelling from Moscow, you can fly five times in a week on Ural Airlines to the Urgench Airport via Domodedovo International Airport.

Transportation By Train

You can get Train In Khiva and you have to go for Urgench Railway station which serves as a regular medium for Khiva Transportation for more than 16 hours in a day.

The price of the ticket for the 2-bunk is 41 000 Som, 4-bunk is 25 000 Som, and for plaskartnyy or hard-class, the price is 16 000 Som. Urgench Railway station is known as the dead-end, so most of the trains stop at "Tortkol" or "Turtgul" before the Urgench station. You can reach Urgench by taxi ride from Turtgul.

A direct train of Urgench in a week travels to Andijan of Ferghana valley, through Tashkent. In the new Khiva railway station, a train goes to Bukhara and travelled three times a week at 8.57 AM which costs 80.000 som per person. You can use Afrosiyab high speed luxurious train and for this, you need to know the time schedule.

Transportation By Bus

Khiva Transportation through the bus is the better than the train as it takes less time than the train to reach Urgench and costs around 7000 Som.

The new Japanese vans leave the Hippodrome in Tashkent for the journey to Urgench. It starts journey to Urgench in between 4 to 6 PM. You have  to leave in mid-morning or in the evening and the seat price is US$10.

Khiva Transportation
Khiva Transportation
Khiva Transportation

Transportation By Car

Taxi in Khiva is always available for any destinations.Travelling through shared taxi in between Tashkent and Urgench is very economical which cost you around US$15 for a seat. In a booked private taxi, you have to pay around US$50.

You can also arrange taxi through hotels or Restaurants. For the cheapest option, you can get taxi at Caravan bazaar in Bukhara or the Bakcha Darvasa in Khiva.

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