Trading Domes Of Bukhara

Trading Domes Of Bukhara

Trading Domes Of Bukhara Highlights

As the Bukhara of Uzbekistan is situated on the trading path of Silk Road, visiting the Trading Domes Of Bukhara completely worth to visit on Uzbekistan Tours.

Overview About Trading Domes Of Bukhara

Bukhara is not only famous for its mosques, Ark Fortress and the majestic Kalyan minaret but also for Medieval Trade Domes In Bukhara.

To prevent the summer heat and unbearable winter winds in Asia, the steady stone vaults as Ancient Trading Domes In Bukhara and in many Turkestan cities became very helpful. The trading domes were highly inspired by the trading dome-shaped indoor markets of many Soviet cities..

History Of Trading Domes Of Bukhara

During XVI century, under the Shaybanides dynasty, Bukhara became the capital while raising the economic activities and unprecedented growth of the city. As Bukhara is located on the Great Silk Road, the markets and stores get more congested cross-roads of public roads.

Trading Domes Of Bukhara
Trading Domes Of Bukhara
Trading Domes Of Bukhara

Location Of Trading Domes Of Bukhara

Trading Domes Of Bukhara starts from the Lyabi-Khauz to Medrese Miri-Arab, which can be seen on Bukhara Tours

Trading Domes Of Bukhara Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

Toki-Sarrofon Trading Dome

Once known as the biggest stocks exchange of Central Asia, Toki-Sarrofon Trading Dome is the meeting place of merchants from India, China and other countries. The salesmen from all over the world came here for exchange currencies from the people, called “sarrafs”. During Bukhara Tours, scarfs and crafted goods are available. It is located beside the Lyabi-Khauz there stands a dome with a cross-road running under it.

Telpak Furushon Trading Dome

Located to the north of Toki-Sarrofon, the massive Telpak Furushon Trading Dome has a hexagonal orientation. The shops selling knives, jewelleries, music instruments and various remembrances, under the dome can be found. There is a medieval blacksmith shop, where one can watch a process of manufacturing knives and other tools. As the shops were selling a book, this trading dome was called as Kitab-Furushon. Slowly, the bookselling place was occupied by shops selling the headwear and ither souvenir products which were made by the local craftsmen.

Tim Abdullakhan Trading Dome

Located along a street, Tim Abdullakhan Trading Dome is an indoor premise where it is always cool. This trading centre were selling carpets and fabrics, over the centuries and also today one can buy variegated carpet, beautiful inwrought kerchief or a square of Bukhara cloth on Uzbekistan Tours.

Toki-Zargaron Trading Dome

Famous as the largest trading dome of Bukhara, Toki-Zargaron Trading Dome is the most northern dome. This trading dome is located near to Poi Kalyan. The elongated Toki-Zargaron dome is stretched upwards and strengthened with ribs.The name Zargaron comes from the word “zargar” which means “goldsmith”. Once there was 36 jeweller’s workshop,and this trading dome was the first among the trading domes of Bukhara. Today one can purchase there jewelleries and different accessories for the house.

Trading Domes Of Bukhara are the major attractions for Bukhara Sights.

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