Poi-Kalyan Ensemble

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble

Overview About Poi-Kalyan Ensemble

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble is known as the main attraction in Bukhara and literally Po-i-Kalyan means the foot of the great or the pedestal of the Great. As a main attraction in Uzbekistan Tours, the complex is the home of four beautiful impressive architectural monuments between 12th and 16th centuries. The four architectural beauties Kalyan minaret, Kalyan Mosque, Miri-Arab madrassah and Alim Khan madrasah.

Bukhara has been one of the major cultural and economical hubs in Central Asia from the ancient times. As an integral part of Great Silk Road, Bukhara was the landmark or resting place for the caravan traders on the Silk Road.

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble
Poi-Kalyan Ensemble
Poi-Kalyan Ensemble

History Of The Poi-Kalyan Ensemble:

From 713 BC, there were many ensembles constructed to the southern part of Ark citadel. But some of these complexes were burned down to the ground by Genghis Khan, the Mongolian leader, while blockading the city of Bukhara. One of these ruined monuments was built in 1121 by Arslan-khan, the Karakhanid ruler. The Kalyan minaret was only one of the structures of Arslan-han complex which has survived the destruction.

Location Of Poi-Kalyan Ensemble

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble, Bukhara is located in the main Registan Square in the centre of Bukhara.

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble Design and Architecture

Kalan Minaret : Rising above the Bukhara City and known as the symbol of Islam in Bukhara, the Kalyan Minaret has the height of 46.5 meters while the diameter of its base is 9 meters. Moving to the upwards, the diameter decreases with 12 different horizontal decorative bands and there are sixteen open arched windows for the sunlight. The bricks were designed and coloured by a glue from egg whites and camel milk. The minaret is 9 centuries old and was erected in 1127 by the order of Arslan-Khan of the Karakhanids. With a beautiful architecture, this minaret is one of the Tourist Attractions In Bukhara.

Kalan Mosque : Built during the reign of Ubaidulla-Khan in 1514, Kalan Mosque or Poi Kalyan Mosque in Bukhara is over the destroyed site of Karakhanid mosque in 1514. Kalan Mosque is the second largest mosque with the capability of holding 12,000 people at a time and known as the main Bukhara mosque for 500 years. The galleries with the roofing encircle the courtyard of Kalyan Mosque and the mosque rests on 208 pillars.

Mir-i Arab Madrasah Mir-i Arab Madrasah is a functioning madrasah working as Islamic school. It was constructed in between 1535 and 1536 by the funding of Ubaidulla-Khan, Shaybani-Khan’s nephew. It was dedicated to Sheikh Abdullah Yemeni, the spiritual mentor of Shaybanids. For the funding, Ubaidulla-Khan had to sell 3,000 captive Persians as slaves.

Poi-Kalyan Ensemble Highlighted Point Of Attraction

As one of the most attractive Places To Visit In Bukhara, Poi-Kalyan Ensemble in Bukhara has three major attractions for their charming decoration and beautiful architecture.

These famous Bukhara Sights are: Kalan minaret, Kalyan Mosque and Mir-i Arab Madrasah.

The narrow brick spiral stairs inside Kalan Minaret offers the way to reach to the rotunda to enjoy the stunning view of Bukhara.

During Uzbekistan Tours, you can see Kalyan Mosque; the eastern portal is highly decorated with magnificent geometric mosaics and inscriptions from the Koran. The inner courtyard from the outside opening has its unique order of arches. A leafy mulberry tree can be seen which gives shade to the visitors. There are two blue mosaic domes are placed opposite to each other, on each side of the courtyard. The decoration of internal arches is highly impressive and has 14 different bands with turquoise colour.

The main fa ade of Mir-i Arab Madrasah has two-tier loggias on each side. The madrasah is highly decorated with mosaic and multicoloured decorative patterns.

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