Jami Mosque

Jami Mosque

The Jami Mosque is also known as Juma Mosque (Juma means Friday) in Tashkent. History tells some interesting events related to this mosque. The old town of Tashkent has several historical monuments and modern buildings. The Jami Mosque is the third biggest mosque. It was built in 819 by the Emir Yahya ibn Asad, he was appointed by the Arabs. He had conquered and ruled Uzbekistan during those times. The Jami Mosque is only an example of courtyard-type mosque in entire Uzbekistan. When Arabs invaded the city and mosque had been completely destroyed.

Whole Shashkent (Modern day Tashkent) was reconstructed only because the mosque had to be reconstructed. By the order of Sheikh Ubaidullah Hoja Ahror, Sufi Saint of the time. The new Jami Mosque was built on the same foundation. Sheik is from the Prophet Muhammad's lineage. The Sheikh decided to build the mosque before he shifts Tashkent to Samarkand. The unique shape of 15 meters cube which is a symbolic representation of the Holy Kaaba. Later on, using cupola and 4 windows the cube was shut down.

The Jami Mosque's interior and exterior were done in modest style. It is said that it was done to avoid people getting distracted from prayers and so that they concentrate on prayer. When Tashkent had low and less modern buildings. The Jami Mosque could be seen from any part of the city due to its modern construction and height.

Jami Mosque
Jami Mosque
Jami Mosque

Unfortunately, the mosque in 1868 was destroyed by the earthquake and the course of time either. The arches and domes are different from what we see now from the original look of the mosque. The original look of the mosque only can be seen from the photos. After the earthquake, the mosque had ceased all its functions for 20 years. Russian Emperor Alexander III, heavily invested in for the reconstruction. Jami Mosque is called Tsarist Mosque because it supported by the King of Russia. In 2003, the latest restoration added 3 cupolas and it is still functioning and calls people for Friday prayers.

There is no particular time to visit this place, but whenever you visit this place you are going to find peace and calmness. If you want to see more people performing prayer then you should visit on Friday. It completely different experience when you watch a number of people performing prayer in synchronicity.

No wonder why it is a national heritage and tourist landmark of Uzbekistan. It situated next to Chorsu Bazaar and metro station. This architectural design and beautiful colors explain very well why the status it deserves. When you visit the Jami Mosque you can feel the subtle peace and serenity it has to offer. It has that magnetic power to hold the visitor for longer durations. A person who is an admirer of art can find this place very interesting. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit if you are on tour.

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