Medieval Hammam Bathhouses

Medieval Hammam Bathhouses

Medieval Hammam Bathhouses Highlights

From medieval periods, the bath houses and swimming pools are the part of every town planning. From the point of view of archaeology, these are the reflection of architecture and model of ancient buildings. In Central Asia, the Medieval Hammam Bathhouses are the samples of medieval architecture of Central Asia which can be seen on Uzbekistan Tours.

Overview About Medieval Hammam Bathhouses

Medieval Bath Houses In Bukhara are famous for spending the leisure time or gossiping or sharing news for men and women. Kundjak Hammam Medieval Bath in Bukhara were known for better conveniences, and so, these were located at a crossroads of streets, closely adjoining other public buildings.

On Uzbekistan Tours, this kind of bath houses can be found in Bukhara and Samarkand. These bathhouses are also called “corner bath”, and one of these are still in function in Bukhara near Kalyan Market.  

At that time, the steam was generated in a large boiler and delivered to the room through apertures situated 1.5 m from the floor of steam bath. There are also steams which run in pipes under the marble floor to heat it.

Medieval Hammam Bathhouses
Medieval Hammam Bathhouses
Medieval Hammam Bathhouses

History Of The Medieval Hammam Bathhouses

According to Narshakhi, the famous Central Asian historian, there are many houses in Medieval Baths of Bukhara in 10th century. In the midst of 19th century, the number of bath houses increased up to 16 against 11 baths in Tashkent whereas, in Samarkand, there was only 8 baths by the beginning of the 20th century.

During 10th century, Hammom Khon was the most famous among all Medieval Bathhouses

Hammom Bozori Kord was built in 17th century and known as one of the oldest bath houses of Bukhara. The most famous Bukhara bath of the 16th century was "Kundjak Hammam" for women.

Location Of Medieval Hammam Bathhouses


As per their locations, bath houses were divided into two types as per their location, such as, city or bazaar and block or guzar. Bazar Bath houses are likes direct to the trade rows. Some of the examples of Bazar bath houses are Hammom Gavkusho, Hammom Hodja Porso, Hammom Sarrofon and Hammom Bozori Kord.

The famous Kundjak Hammam is located near Kalyan minaret and is also called as "angular", which was built in a very convenient location with other bath houses.

Hammam Bozori Kord is one of the Medeival Hammam Bathhouses for men and can be found near Toki Telpak Furushon dome on Bukhara Tours.

Medieval Hammam BathhousesHighlighted Point Of This Attraction

Today, there are two Medieval Hammam Bath Houses, which can be seen during Bukhara Tours. Those are Bukhara – Bozori Kord and Hammam Kundjak.

Medieval Hammam Bath Houses offers special kind of massage using special oils made of local herbs and spices.

In these bathhouses of Bukhara, you can feel the authenticity of Bukhra and its ancient time.

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