Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara

Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara

Outline About Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara Highlights

As a cultural hub and economic hub, Bukhara on the great Silk Road has unique and iconic destinations. Packed with the monuments including the religious monuments and iconic places, Bukhara is the major part of Uzbekistan Tours.

A Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara, watching the street performances, travelling around the old city by rickshaw, visiting animal market, wandering in little bazaars, and others are the Best Things To Do In Bukhara.

Uzbekistan Tours is famous worldwide due to the architectural monuments, Uzbek cuisine, museums, culture, natural sights and some of the iconic places in its cities. Along with Bukhara, other cities like Samarkand, Khiva, Tashkent and other cities boast their specialities.

Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara
Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara
Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara

Outline About Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara Highlights

Among all of the activities in Bukhara Tours, a Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara can take you to the medieval period. Bukhara was famous for its water system which had an extensive network of water canals and more than 200 stone pools, called as “hauz”. People gathered here to gossip with their neighbours, drink water and wash their clothes. Today it is listed among the top Bukhara Attractions.

Due to unchanged water, the water borne diseases had infected most of the people. As per the history, the Bukharian died by the age of 32 during 19th century before the creation of largest canal of Central Asia.

Before 1960s, Bukhara was receiving water for irrigation from the Zarafshan River, which originates in Tajikistan, flows through Tajikistan to the three provinces of Uzbekistan. The Zarafshan River was supplying water to the irrigated areas of upper located three provinces of Uzbekistan and for industrial and communal needs of Samarkand. Due to increase of irrigated areas, there was water shortage for the agriculture of Bukhara at the beginning of 1960.  To solve this issue a canal was built from Amu Darya and known as the largest water body of Central Asia. Then, the branches of water system were opened.

Walk Along The Water Canals Of Bukhara and explore the iconic places to be familiarize with Bukhara culture in Bukhara Tours.

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