Miri-Arab Madrasah

Miri-Arab Madrasah

Overview About Miri-Arab Madrasah

Built under the reign of Ubaydallah Khan, the Shaybanidappanage in Bukhara, Miri-Arab Madrasah is still functional and one of the major attraction sights in Bukhara on Uzbekistan Tours.

Famous as an acting institution since 16th century, Miri-Arab Madrasah In Bukhara is creating the future imams and religious mentors till now by giving proper education. With the 16th century Kalyan mosque and 12th century minaret, Miri-Arab Madrasah forms the Po-I-KalyanEnsemble, the spiritual centre at the heart of the city.

Known as one of the most beautiful places in Bukhra, a trip to this place on Bukhara Tours is completely worth it.

Miri-Arab means "Prince of the Arabs" and honoured to Sheikh Abdullah Yamani of Yemen who became famous as head of Bukhara's Muslim community during the reign of Muhammad Shaybani, the founder Shaybanid dynasty. On Bukhara Tours, Po-i-Kalyan ensemble including Mini-Arab Madrasah attracts the tourists around the world.

Miri-Arab Madrasah
Miri-Arab Madrasah
Miri-Arab Madrasah

History Of The Miri-Arab Madrasah

Miri-Arab Madrasa was built in the honour of Sheikh Abdullah Yamani, who was served as Pir or Spiritual adviser of several Khans.

As per archaeologist, Miri-Arab Madrasa was erected in the period between 1530-1535/1536, by the order of Ubaydullah-khan. Some says that it was built to celebrate the victory of the sheybanid army over the troops of the Sefevid shah Ismail I in the battle of Gijduvan in 1512.

As per the legend, the final construction works were carried out on the funds from the sale of 3000 captive Iranians to slavery by Ubaydulla-khan.

Location Of Miri-Arab Madrasah

Miri-Arab Madrasah is situated in Po-i-Kalyan ensemble on Khodja Nurobobod Street in the heart of Bukhara city.

Miri-Arab MadrasahHighlighted Point Of This Attraction

Miri-Arab Madrasa has the traditional national architecture which consists of a square yard, surrounded by two floors of cells, two big domed halls in the left and right corners. There are two-store galleries that adjoin the main façade to the centre with a portal. In the centre of madrassah, there is a shrine of Ubaydulla – emir of Bukhara, in the period of 1533-1540. In the head of the There is a burial place of the spiritual guide of Miri Arab, in the head of the building.

The decoration of Miri-Arab madrassah is made by different stone mosaics of exquisite work with geometric, vegetative and calligraphic writings and patterns. The artistic works can be seen on the portal, tympanums of loggias of the main façade, tympanums of hujra arches in inner facades and dome drums. External domes are covered with calottes of blue tiles. The panels and grates are highly decorated with carved mosaic of colourful stones whereas; the walls and shade are adorned with ganch.

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