Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble

Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble

Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble Overview

Lining the intersection of two medieval streets and the Shah Rud canal the Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble is a group of buildings, comprising a mosque, a minaret, two madrasas, and a hauz or a pond. On your Bukhara Tours, you will learn many stories related to the ensemble like its name Gaukushan which refers to the slaughter of cattle implying this site was used for the same purpose earlier. This place is a must-visit on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble History

The Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble built between 1562 and 1579 was mostly brought to completion by the influential Jubari family. The rise to power of Abdullah Khan II was greatly impacted by Mir Haidar Bala madrasa. The Khoja-Gaukushan Ensemble in Bukhara provided the core of a "new sub-center of the city" and attracted many localities of the area.

Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble
Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble
Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble

Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble Design and Architecture

The Khoja-Gaukushan Ensemble In The Center Of Bukhara accommodates a cathedral mosque and a madrasah. The fork of streets is the reason behind the trapezoid form of the building. Khoja Gaukushan Ensemble square and its construction were made at the expense of dzhuybarsk sheikh Hodzhi Sajd who is also known by the nickname of "Hodge Kalon". His name impacted the name of the ensemble.

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