Balyand Mosque

Balyand Mosque

Overview About Balyand Mosque

Located in the western part of Bukhara, Balyand Mosque was built in the area of Shergyronmahalla or Bukhara quarter. The name defines the not the geographical feature, but the strong existence of the mosque as “Balyand” means “high”, and that’s why the mosque as often called as “High Mosque”. As listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a trip to this cube shaped mosque with summer and winter parts, in Uzbekistan Tours is worthy. 

Placed in Bukhara, which has been the cultural and economic centre on the Great Silk Road in Central Asia from ancient period, Balyand Mosquehas got the place in Bukhara Attractions for having a high foundation (named for strong foundation) and highly decorated interior.

Balyand Mosque
Balyand Mosque
Balyand Mosque

History Of Balyand Mosque

With an age of more than 500 years, Balyand Mosque was built ago 16th century and also has survived the earthquake. As a great work of Uzbekistan Architecture, the mosque was rebuilt repeatedly over the centuries. In 19th century, the modern version of the mosque was reconstructed for the last time.

Balyand MosqueHighlighted Point Of This Attraction

Balyand Mosque is a square shaped building with the masterpiece interior work. The entrance gates of Balyand Mosque looks more attractive with the paintings and the records from the Koran can be seen in the form of white and blue with gilding ornaments in Uzbekistan Tours.

As included in the Bukhara Attractions, the inside of the Balyand Mosque is decorated with the gilded ceramic altar in the form of alphabetic images. The floral patterns on the hexagonal tiles with gold ornaments make the interior walls more attractive. The relief sculpture techniques used in the windows and doors and the white colour on the avian makes it unique and attractive. The ceiling and small domes of Balyand Mosque are decorated with the ornaments.

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