Uzbekistan Travel Packing List

Uzbekistan Travel Packing List

Uzbekistan is comparatively too hot and during summer the temperature may get to around 40°C with not even a probability of rain. Hence you must get prepared before departure. We have made Uzbekistan Travel Packing List requirements for you to remember and pack as per your preferences while planning for Uzbekistan Tours.

We tend to forget to carry some important things and later regret not carrying it with us. So, this list will be useful for you to pack and start the journey. However, it is also recommended to check the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan here before you plan.

Things to pack in Uzbekistan Travel:


  • T-shirts, shirts, comfortable light pants, and shorts.

  • Swimwear as you can find some swimming lakes and pools in the hotel.


  • Flip flops, Rubbers shoes which are good for hot weather.

  • Light trainer shoes or flats for walking in cities.

Hats, Sunscreen, and Good Sunglasses:

  • Headwear and sunglasses with the best UV protection.

  • Pack sunscreen with at least 30SPF

  • Lip Balm with SPF protection.

Summers in Central Asia is very dry and it is advisable to use creams and balms to protect from sun rays.

Hand Sanitizer:

  • Hand Sanitizer can have a significant effect on your health in Central Asia.

  • Use sanitizer after using the toilet, touching pets, and before eating.

  • Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol can kill 95% germs and prevent Diarrhoea.

Daypack or Light Backpack:

  • Daypacks and light backpacks are perfect for Day Tours in Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan tours in and around the city.

  • Light and small backpacks can be used to carry hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and water during hot days.

Uzbekistan Travel Packing List
Uzbekistan Travel Packing List
Uzbekistan Travel Packing List

Souvenir from your Homeland:

  • Postcards and picture books can be a nice way to share your story.

  • Refer to Uzbekistan Travel Guide before you carry any other things.

Electronic Gadgets:

  • Camera with enough memory cards, as well as Batteries and chargers.

  • Earpods

  • Power bank

  • Light travel games

  • Binoculars

Entertainment on the way:

  • Take some interesting books to read at trains and leisure times

  • Prepare good music, movies, and audiobooks

  • Take a notebook to write down your travel memories on the way

First Aid kit:

  • First and foremost, consult a doctor before leaving

  • Pack your medical kit after consulting doctor

  • Carry some medicine against headache, stomach-ache, diarrhea, fever, and flu.

Cash and Payment cards:

  • Carry enough cash and also an emergency fund.

  • Currency exchange is possible.

  • Keep a money belt as per Uzbekistan Travel Advice.

Travel Documents:

  • Passport - Make sure your passport does not expire soon.

  • Uzbekistan Visa - check it is for the right period.

  • Travel Insurance and medical prescription.

  • Important contact numbers list.

Things to leave at home:

  • Tank Tops

  • Shorts

  • Midriff-baring tops

  • Laptop

  • A ton of cash

Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide provides the best and most accurate Uzbekistan Travel Advice that is of great help for our clients.

If you have packed according to Uzbekistan Travel Packing List in your large trolley, then you are ready to enjoy the experience of Uzbekistan Tours.

Let us know when you are ready and we at Euroasia Travels will be happy to help you further with your Journey!

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