Kokand Transportation

Kokand Transportation

Kokand Transportation

Kokand is at a crossroads on the old Silk Road caravan trails, the main Kokand transportation junction in the Fergana Valley. Roads over the passes go East, another leads Northwest over the mountains to Tashkent, and another West through Khujand. You will need to choose between the train and private taxi while in Kokand. The journey will take around 3.5 hours from Tashkent while in Uzbekistan Tours.

Public Kokand Transportation:

The road passes through mountain winding road, through a pass. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to visit Kokand in winter. Fog at this time of year sometimes becomes so thick that the driver cannot see even the hood of the car, and the travel time can stretch up to 6 hours or more.

Here are the details of Public Transportation:

  • Car Rental and Taxi in Kokand:

While you are travelling and going around the city, it is better to rent a car in Kokand. It helps you not to hail taxis and memorizing public transportation schedules. With car rental in Kokand, you’re free to travel where and when you want.

Kokand Transportation
Kokand Transportation
Kokand Transportation
  • Kokand Trains and Buses:

From the Kokand train station, on the southern edge of town, there is a comfortable 8am service to Tashkent. The Local train in Kokand services to Andijon and Margilon are also available.

There is also Bus station in Kokand which you can choose for a cheap way to travel in the city as per Uzbekistan Travel advice.

The best time to visit Uzbekistan and Kokand depends on what you really want to see and experience in the city. However, you can travel to the country year around but it is recommended to avoid rainy season.

If you are travellin Solo, then it is recommended to check our Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers and plan accordingly.

While in the city you can travel with Kokand Transportaion and explore the best places of Uzbekistan with EuroAsia Travels.

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