Museums In Uzbekistan

Museums In Uzbekistan

Museums are the best way to learn about a country and Museums in Uzbekistan is not behind anything short. It offers the best of culture, tradition, art and architecture. The History of Uzbekistan Museums was started in Tashkent and now it has around 110 different Museums and most of them are under the supervision of Ministry of Culture and Sports. This will help you give most of the information of the countries past and present in one place while in Uzbekistan Tours.

Here are the lists of Uzbekistan Museums which gives further Information About Uzbekistan Museums:

Samarkand Museums

The Samrakand Museums is located in the heart of the city and it is easy to cover all in a day. This meuseum has ancient articrafts, old coins, Jewelleries, Households, Ceramics and some of premitive tools. Smarakand also has some of the Art centres and traditional Mesems.

Tashkent Museums:

Tashkent is the cultural center of Uzbekistan. IUt has craft centres, small memorial meuseums and others which existed over several decades. Tashkent Museums also has center for applied arts.

Bukhara Museums:

Bukhara Museums are mostly in the architectural monuments of the city and it is not surprising, because Bukhara itself is a museum city with over 140 preserved medieval mosques, madrasahs, palaces and mausoleums.

Museums In Uzbekistan
Museums In Uzbekistan
Museums In Uzbekistan

Andijan museums:

The Andijan Meusems are one of the craft centers of the region. Pottery, ceramics, gold embroidery, copper engraving and painting prospered here, craft products from Andijan were famous all over the Silk Road. It also has Museum of Literature and Art, a small collection of which displays paintings, sculpture and graphics of modern Andijan masters.

Nukus museums:

The city of Nukus has the best Museums in Uzbekistan with a unique collection of painting by Russian artists. According to experts and the world press, collection of the museum is the best art collections in the Asian region and has the world's second-largest collection of Russian avant-garde as per Uzbekistan Travel Guide.

Muynak museums:

The Muynak Museums are also known as Ecological Museum of Muynak can be called as one of the most unique museums in Uzbekistan. In 1998 its exhibition was moved into the regional home of culture, and in 2013 the reconstructed museum was opened with a solemn ceremony.

Kokand Museum:

The Kokand Museum strikes with variety of different items of the local history. Step by step one can trace the whole history of Kokand from early days, represented by different archaeological finds in a form of crocks, bifaces, stone tools, Clothing, weapons, books, dishware to everyday items of the end of the 19thcentury.

Termez Museum:

Termez is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia. Termez Museum has the unique architectural monuments of the Kushan period, particularly Airatam Buddhist temple complex, one of the architectural gems of the Kushan period. The Termez Archaeological Museum fund lists over 27,000 exhibits.

You visit Uzbekistan for sightseeing and that means it can be a year around destination. However, the summers are hot and winters may go below 0 degree Celsius. The autumn and spring could be the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan from April to May and Autumn which is from September to October.

Check out these famous Museums in uzbekistan and go for a fun-packed holiday along with lots of knowledge and sightseeing. We at Euroasia Travels will be happy to plan and arrange your Uzbekistan Tours in the best way possible.

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