Samarkand Museum

Samarkand Museum

Samarkand Museum Overview

Located in the heart of the city the Samarkand Museum is close to many other metropolitan hubs in the city. It is, therefore, easier to access these as well as the Uzbekistan Museums on your tour to this stunning country.

Among the numerous museums in Samarkand the Afrosiyob Museum, International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, and the Memorial Museum of Mirzo Ulugbek are the most popular destinations that you can visit on your Uzbekistan Tours.

List of Samarkand Museums

Some of the popular Samarkand Museum are listed below:

Samarkand Museum of History

The Samarkand museum of History is posited around the pre-historic site of Afrasiab which is on the road leading from the mosque of Hazret-Hyzr to the bridge across the Siab River. The many Historical Artifacts Of Samarkand that you find here are simply amazing. You will find fragments of ancient swords, ossuaries, knives, coins, arrows, unique frescos from the 7-8th century palace of the Ihshid of Samarkand, etc on your Uzbekistan Tours.

The Samarkand Museum of History and Art of the Uzbek People

Being one of the oldest and biggest museums the Samarkand Museum of History and Art of the Uzbek People is quite popular. This Samarkand Museum was opened in 1896 and is located near Reqistan square. There are more than 200,000 including collections of archeology exhibits, numismatics, manuscripts, ethnography, and historical documents.

Samarkand Picture Gallery

The Samarkand Picture Gallery consists of 4,000 paintings, graphic works, and sculptures. These collections include the works of Alexander Nikolaev a popular Russian Artist who was also referred to as known as Usto Mumin. The works of other artists namely Dudin, Karazin, Boore, Vereshaghin, and Nikitin are also present in this gallery that you can visit on your Samarkand Tours.

Samarkand Regional Museum of Local Lore

Among the many Uzbekistan Museums, this 20th-century building designed by architect E.Nelle is a popular destination on your Uzbekistan tours. The Regional Museum of Local Lore as it is known today came into existence in 1981. The striking designs and architectural styles of the interiors of the building include a blend of Central Asian and European fashion of architecture.

Home-museum of Sadriddin Aini

The works of Sadriddin Aini from 1923 to 1937 have been stored in this precious Home-Museum which is among the great Places To Visit In Samarkand. The popular literature of "Odina", "The Slave-Grandfather", "The Old School", "The Pawnbroker's Death", and the novels "Dokhunda", "Slaves" and others are found here.

Samarkand Museum
Samarkand Museum
Samarkand Museum

Nevertheless, Samarkand Museums Are Undoubtedly Worth Seeing.

The Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions of various cities are truly mesmerizing and delightful to the sight. The Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan is during Spring or Autumn which is the peak season when nature is at its best here. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide is well equipped to provide you with the best of facts and information about Samarkand Transportation and various destinations in the country which you would have never heard of before.

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