Termez Transportation

Termez Transportation

Overview Of Termez Transportation

On your Termez Transportation, it is suggested to take a cab and travel around the towns with a driver on Uzbekistan Tours. This is because public transportations such as buses are crowded may be time-consuming. Choosing the transportation services of EuroAsia Travels is the best choice to secure your travel.

For Tashkents Tours, it's easy to go from or to Tashkent for any place or city of Uzbekistan.

Inside the city

On your Uzbekistan Tours, while you are inside the city, you can choose several minibusses to take you around for 500 or 1000 sum. In around 5000 sums you go anywhere around town.

Getting in/out of Termez

Here are some of the most used transportation in Termez:


For your Termez Transportation, you can choose to travel by train. The station is just a small bus ride away from the center, at the northern end of At-Termizy. The overnight train between Termez and Tashkent (15h, 15$), is the most useful trains which stop at Samarkand. Boysun, Denau, and Qarshi some other destinations that can be reached faster and cheaper by bus or shared taxi.

Bus / shared taxi

A bus is another great choice for Termez Transportation and is located outside of town on the M39. From At-Termizy you can reach there by Minibus 15. Shared taxis and buses from here to Denau, Boysun, and Qarshi can be found along with buses to other smaller destinations.


You can take direct flights that connect Termez with Tashkent (1h30, ~75$), along with connecting Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. A 15-minute taxi ride from the city center will take you to the airport at a cost of around 10 000 sums).

Termez Transportation
Termez Transportation
Termez Transportation

Travel in the most comfortable Transportation with EuroAsia Travels

You can choose the most comfortable Uzbekistan Transfer that EuroAsia Travels provides and visit some of the fantastic Termez sights. Our guides will inform you about the most important Uzbekistan Travel Essentials to help you to get all the right items on your trip. We would love to hear from you!

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