Tashkent History

Tashkent History

Overview Tashkent History :

Known as the main economic and cultural centre of Central Asia, Tashkent History tells a lot of facts the reason of becoming the capital of Uzbekistan. Located on the Great Silk Road from China to Europe, Tashkent is one of the ancient cities and located in the north-east of Uzbekistan close to the border with Kazakhstan.

Tashkent History
Tashkent History
Tashkent History
Tashkent History

Tashkent was the largest city of the former USSR, and was the 4th largest city in the administrative borders at the time of USSR.

  • Early History : According to Tashkent History, Tashkent was settled by ancient people as an oasis or fertile area in desert, near the Chirchik River, in the second century BC. According to some scholars, Tashkent means Stone City as there was a stone tower on the Silk Road in ancient times.

  • History as Chach : As per the scholars of China, Tashkent was called Yuni whereas; in the inscription of the Persian king Shapur I the Tashkent was called as Chach. In Arabs, it is called as Shash or Shi as per sources from China.

  • Islamic History : During the mid-seventh century, the Sasanian, the Persian Empire collapsed which results, Persia was conquered by the Arab Muslim. In Samanid dynasty, Saman Khuda, a Persian Zoroastrian converted into Islam and the city is known as Binkath. After the mispronunciation of Chach by Arabs, the name changed from Chashkand to Tashkand.

  • Mongol Conquest and Aftermath : According to the History of Tashkent, during 1219, the city was destroyed by Genghis Khan and lost the population because of Mongols destruction in 1220. But, under the Timurid and Shaybanid dynasty, Tashkent's population and culture gradually improved and becomes a prominent strategic centre of scholars, commerce and trade.

  • Kokand khanate : In 1809, Tashkent was the richest city in Central Asia and adds to Khanate of Kokand which was an Uzbek state in Fergana valley.

  • Tsarist Period : Technically, the Tsarist colonial Period starts when Mikhail Grigorievich Chernyayev, a Russian General, attacked Tashkent city wall with 11 gates and 30,000 defenders, in May 1865, by the order of Russian Tsar Alexander II. As a result, Russia won and Tashkent became the capital of the new territory of Russian Turkistan. This period was marked as a darkest period in Tashkent History.

  • Effect of The Russian Revolution : After the fall of the Russian Tsar system, Russian Government General removed all civil restrictions. Tashkent became the capital of the Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in April 1918. But due to revolution by Turkestan Revolution Organization, the provisional Government of Russia ordered purge from Moscow. As Tashkent falls within the borders of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Tashkent became the capital replacing Samarkand.

  • Soviet Period : In Soviet period, there are lot of things has happened such as, Tasahkent pact, death of Indian Prime Minister, earhquake on 26 April 1966. Tashkent was rebuilt with wide streets planted with shade trees, parks, immense plazas for parades, fountains, monuments, and acres of apartment blocks by 1970s. Tashkent was the fourth-largest city in USSR and learning fields of science and engineering during the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991.

Capital of Uzbekistan : From 1991, Tashkent has changed economically, culturally, and architecturally. The largest statue of Lenin was replaced with a globe, with geographic map of Uzbekistan. Soviet era buildings are replaced with new modern buildings. In "Downtown Tashkent" district there is a 22-story NBU Bank building, international hotels, the International Business Center, and the Plaza Building. Tashkent was named as "cultural capital of the Islamic world" in 2007.

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