Uzbekistan In Fall Season

Uzbekistan In Fall Season

Uzbekistan In Fall Season

Uzbekistan In Fall Season make it popular for exploring the vibrant culture, and solve archaeological mysteries during Uzbekistan Tours. Uzbekistan in Central Asia popular for both man made  and nature made beauties. The autumn season is also known as fall season comes after hot summer season. To cool down the hot climate, in the autumn season from late September to early December the temperature drops and Uzbekistan shows its origional colour as terracotta red and gold.

The green plants on the mountain or valleys turns into the red and brown shades at Uzbekistan In Fall Season. The great bazaars and markets filled up with melons, mulberries, figs and persimmons. The pleasant temperature gives lot of opportunities to explore the hidden beauty of the country which makes the autumn season for the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan. The cool temperatures make perfect for bike riding, trekking and camel rides in the desert.

The level of temperature suddenly drops by the end of September and in the desert and mountain ranges, the climate become harsh due to unbearable cold especially after sunset.


The temperature in Uzbekistan In Fall season varies in between 12 to 34 degree celsius with an average temperature 20 degree celsius.


The rainfall in fall season from 9 to 58 mm.

Season: Autumn Season (Late September to Early December)


As the temperature is warm and comfortable, visiting the imperial cities such as Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara are the best option. During Uzbekistan Tours, the fall season is the best time to explore the ancient great work of architecture like Islam Hodja Minaret in Samarkand, Buddhist monument in Termez, open air museum in Khiva. You can visit the famous Chorsu Bazaar to buy the souvenirs and goods or the giant bazaars under the three domes in Bukhara. To acknowledge about Sufism, you can head for mausoleums, and madrassahs in the major cities.

Uzbekistan In Fall Season
Uzbekistan In Fall Season
Uzbekistan In Fall Season

Climate Of Uzbekistan In Fall Season

According to Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview, Uzbekistan In Fall Season begins at a temperature of 19 degree celsius while the minimum temperature is 12 degree celsius.

In October, the temperature varies in between 7 to 21 degree celsius while in November, the temperature varies in 3 to 14 degree celsius.

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