Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview

Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview

About Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview

The collection of information about Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview is important as well as the travel cost in Uzbekistan Tours.Known for its extreme continental climate, Uzbekistan’s northern area remains cooler than the area of south.

Uzbekistan is one of the mysterious countries which is known for the histories full of stories of different conquerors and rulers. The major cities of Uzbekistan has become the main Uzbekistan tourist attractions as the home of ancient ruines and monuments representing the great architectural work. As surrounded by double landlocked  countries far from the seas and oceans, the climate of Uzbekistan becomes continental.

Avg. Temperature

Considering Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview, the southern part remains warmest while the northern part is the coldest. In summer, the average temperature is more than 45 degree celsius and in winter, the temparature varies 0 to -8 degree celsius.

The average temperature in spring season (March to may) varies in between 22 to 31° C.

In summer season (June to August) the average temperature varies in between 37 to 45° C.

In autumn season (late September to November), the average temperature varies in between 12 to 34° C.

In winter season (December to February), the average temperature varies in between 9 to 12° C.


For Uzbekistan Tours, the spring and fall season is considered as the best for the warm but not too much heat. But the temperature in fall season during the night time lower than the temperature in spring. So, one can spend night at the Kyzylkum Desert. In Summer, you can visit Fergana valley and Charvak reservoir, the pearl of Tan Shan Mountain.

In fall or autumn season, you can explore the ancient monuments in Bukhara, Samarkand, Termez, Khiva and Tashkent in a stunning weather. Though, the winter season causes extreme cold especially at night, it is the best time to take amazing photographs as the sky remains clear and also for exploring the market, and “bazaars”.

Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview
Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview
Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview

Uzbekistan Climate & Weather

As the most of the parts of Uzbekistan are deserted plains and far from the oceans, Uzbekistan is a sunny land with the lowest humidity in the air. Uzbekistan Climate & Weather is a continental type which can be expressed as a few precipirtation in large evaporation of moisture. The mountains in the eastern part of Uzbekistan hold the masses of humid air which can resulted into the precipitation falls in the foothills and mountains. That’s why the climate in mountain areas remains cooler during summer season whereas, in winter, the mountain areas experience heavy snowfalls and also forms the glaciers.

As per the data on Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview, in autumn season especially in October, the weather started to change and the precipitaion is 20% of annual precipitation. The winter in mountain comes faster than the plains while the coldair flows from the Arctic and Siberia. With a high frosts, the winter remains prolonged especially, in mountain areas. You can say that the climate and weather is directly linked with the geography of Uzbekistan.In spring season, there is 40% of annual precipation and the temperature increases.

Uzbekistan Weather Forecast

For nature enthusiasts, January to February is the best time to go for the valley areas as well as the slopes of mountains. For exploring the cities of Uzbekistan the spring in April and May are the best time. You can choose autumn from September to November for the Uzbekistan tours according to Uzbekistan Weather Forecast.

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