Tashkent Transportation

Tashkent Transportation

As the capital of the land surrounded by the double land locked countries, Tashkent is easily accessible for Tashkent Tours.

Overview About Tashkent Transportation

As located on Great Silk Road from China to western countries, Tashkent Transportation includes the connection with Uzbekistan's main roads, Tashkent Public Transport Routes, and the borders with both Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

For Tashkents Tours, it's easy to go from or to Tashkent for any place or city of Uzbekistan.

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Railway transportation is a convenient, inexpensive, and enjoyable to travel through the train. To or from Tashkent Transportation, there are many railway connections with every major city in Uzbekistan, and major destinations of Kazakhstan and Russia. Except a connection with Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan there is no railways with cities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or Turkmenistan.

In Tashkent Tours, there is a central train station at the end of Shevchenko street is preferable than other railway stations. Take metro, or city bus or taxi, for the central train station.


For quasi-monopoly over the Uzbek skies, using flight for transportation in Uzbek airways is not a budgetary accommodation. For a multi country tour, it's better to use flight in elsewhere.

Long-distance bus

Using long-distance buses for Uzbekistan Tours are slow, old and uncomfortable. The buses are the only purpose of cheaper budget than trains and taxis.

(Shared) taxi

For fast transportation, taxis are more preferable than buses, if trains are not available. To get the taxis for the long distance destinations, you can go for outside of the bus terminal. For the Ferghana Valley, taxis can be available on the north of the train station and Kulyuk Bazaar.

Tashkent Transportation
Tashkent Transportation
Tashkent Transportation

Getting Around Tashkent


For the fastest Transportation in Tashkent, travelling through the best options and stations are clean and the inception era, the red and blue lines. Metro ticket costs around 1200 sum and the trains run every 8-10 minutes from 5 am to midnight. 


Buses price is 1200 sum and the bus service starts from 6 AM until midnight, everyday. Using Mybus App in Tashkent preferred to get the real time data.


Taxis price to getting around the city is in between 1000 and 8000 sum in Tashkent Tours. For quicker and moderate value, booking a gypsy cab down from the side of the road is preferable. Make sure you agree on a price before you get in.

As street names change every 3 months in Uzbekistan, it’s useless to use ask other people or using Google maps. Taxi drivers are helpful as they know only the orientation points, not the street names.


As the territory of Tashkent is flat, Cycling is the best option to travelling in Tashkent city. Cycling in the city is known as a leisure activity rather than the transport. For bike in rental, there are many spaces like parks and shopping malls for the bike and costs 6000-8000 sums for an hour.

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