History Of Termez

History Of Termez

Overview About History Of Termez

As one of the ancient cities of Central Asia, the History of Termez reflects the cultural changes, the wars and the political conspiracies.

In Ancient Times

Ancient Termez is located west of modern Termez and it was conquered by Alexander the Great in 329 BC. Termez was also a part of Kushan Empire and was famous as Ta-li-mi.

Termez was ruled by Hephthalites in 5th century, Sassanids in 6th century and the native Termez Shah dynasty in 7th century. During Abbadids and Samanids Empire, Termez was captured by the Arabs and became the centre of Islam. From 9th century to 12th century, Termez was known as a big city and popular cultural centre for shopping and crafts. The city was destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1220 and in the late 13th century, Termez was restored to the east on the right bank of Surxondaryo River.

In The Russian Empire And The Soviet Union

The emirate of Bukhara gave the Pattakesar village to Russia to build a Russian fortress and a military border fortification. Pattakesar was renamed as Termez by Soviet Union in 1928. During the soviet rule, a Pedagogical Institute, industries and a theatre were opened. The city was an important military base at the time of Soviet-Afghan war.

Independent Uzbekistan

After fall of Soviet Union, Uzbekistan became an independent country and today, every region of Uzbekistan including Termez. The Pedagogical Institute in Termez became Termez State University in 1992. Termez's military airfield is used by the airforces of Germany for transportation of goods to Afghanistan. A Termez regional railway junction serves to transport through Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


For the transportation, the Friendship Bridge in Termez, is the medium of transportation between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Termez Airport provides the flight service to Moscow and Tashkent, whereas, Termez is connected with other cities of the countries and Mazar-i-Sharif of Afghanistan through Uzbek Railways.



Termez climate is known as the hottest climate of Uzbekistan and known as cold desert climate.

History Of Termez
History Of Termez
History Of Termez

Notable People Of Ancient Termez

  • Al-Tirmidhi- One of the six theologian of Sunni Islam

  • Hakim-at-Termizi- The famous theologian

  • Adib Sabir- Persian poet 12th-century

  • Ali Termizi- Pir Baba

  • Valery Khalilov- A Russian General and a composer.

Main Historical Sights

The major Tourist Attractions of Termez is:

  • Kyrk-Kyz Fortress (9th–14th centuries)

  • Palace of Termez rulers (11th–12th centuries)

  • Architectural Complex (10th–15th centuries)

  • Architectural Ensemble (10th–18th centuries)

  • Kokildora Khanakha (16th century)

  • Kara-Tepe Buddhist Monastery (2nd–4th centuries)

  • Fayaz-Tepe Buddhist Monastery (1st–3rd centuries)

  • Zurmala Tower (1st–2nd century AD)

  • Abu-Isa At-Tirmidhi Mausoleum (9th century AD)

  • Zul Kifl Mausoleum


According to Termez History, during the war in Afghanistan in 1979 and 1989, Termez was the base of Soviet troops.

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