Emir’s Palace in Kagan

Emir’s Palace in Kagan

Emir’s Palace in Kagan Overview

Do you know how the Emir’s Palace in Kagan came into existence? The story of the new settlement around the town of Kagan goes back to the times of conquest of Central Asia by Russians. The plan of building the ambitious Trans-Caspian railway gave birth to the amazing destination that you will encounter in your Bukhara Tours in Uzbekistan.

History Of Emir’s Palace in Kagan

Before journeying on your Uzbekistan Tours you should discover some of the histories of the place. The Russians needed to access the land around the territory of Emir Abdul Ahad of Bukhara to build the Railways and therefore signed an agreement with him to not come within 16 kilometers around his territory. But the railway workers needed a place of settlement around the rail lines. This was the cause of the new settlement built close to Kagan and this new town along with the Railways opened up in 1888 that you will find on your Uzbekistan Tours. When Emir visited this settlement he was captivated with its exquisiteness and architectural designs. He, therefore, made popular Russian architect Alexey Leontievich Benoit to build a palace in the same new town whose construction began in 1895. This is the Emir’s Palace In Kagan In Bukhara that we know today.

The Kagan Palace today is a Railway Museum but access into the Palace is difficult. But with EuroAsia Travels you can add this destination into your travel itinerary and we will take you to the charming Emir’s Palace in Kagan that is one of its kind among the many historical locations you will encounter on your Bukhara Tours.

Emir’s Palace in Kagan
Emir’s Palace in Kagan
Emir’s Palace in Kagan

‘Check-in’ into the otherwise inaccessible Palace with EuroAsia Travels

The Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan if you wish to travel to the historic places in Bukhara like the Emir’s Palace in Kagan is during the Spring or Autumn as the weather is at its best in this period and our travel guides along with providing you with important Uzbekistan Travels Advice will narrate you great detail about the history and stories revolving this town of settlement. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpackers is to plan early to not miss the premium accommodations and car rentals at affordable prices.

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