Uzbekistan Accommodation

Uzbekistan Accommodation

Overview About Uzbekistan Accommodation :

Uzbekistan in Central Asia has the best accommodations for staying, and has many options to choose from the recently renovated 17th-century merchant houses with ancient beautiful architecture in Bukhara or the paradisiacal home stays and desert yurts on Uzbekistan Tours.

There are more options for backpackers and budget travellers for Uzbekistan Accommodation where the option can be apartment in rentals or hostels in everywhere. But there are no hostels and Couch surfing outside of the city. Bring tents or making friends is recommended to stay outside of the city during Uzbekistan Tours.

To make your Uzbekistan Tours hassle-free and time-saving, there is an Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers as well as other tourists in group

Uzbekistan Accommodation
Uzbekistan Accommodation
Uzbekistan Accommodation

Types Of Uzbekistan Accommodation :

  • Hostels : For the backpackers and people who want to make their trip budget-friendly, hostel is the best Accommodation In Uzbekistan for comfort and economic way of accommodation. For the new developed accommodations, city hostels are preferable.

    Hostels are more economic which provide quality accommodation for tourists, and food or cuisine. As the fee is charged only per bed for booking in hostels, the cost is very low and only for the bed in a shared room and kitchen. The average cost is $10 per day for one bed.

  • Modern Hotels : Modern hotels are the most convenient types of accommodation in Uzbekistan. Depending on the number of stars on a hotel, there are attached bathroom per room, where the cost of hotel accommodation usually includes breakfast, sauna, swimming pool, spa-salon and others. Some of the modern Hotels In Uzbekistan are Hyatt, Wyndham, Ramada, Lotte, Radisson, etc.

  • outique And Design Hotels : Boutique hotels and design hotels are new type of accommodation that offers its guests a unique design of the rooms, rich decoration and good service.

    Boutique hotels and designer hotels are the most popular types of hotels in many tourist cities of Uzbekistan as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and others. Some hotels are located in the historic center of the city, which allows the guest to fully enjoy the architectural delights of ancient cities and feel in the Eastern fairy tale.

  • Camping And Caravanning : Camping among Uzbekistan Accommodations, gives an endless opportunity to enjoy the unique natural landscapes and favourable climate. Near Tashkent and Samarkand, there are great opportunities for the camping or caravanning in the mountains. Camping in the western desert, can make you feel wild and best to enjoy the sunset. Now, camping or sleeping in the tent or mobile home is allowed in Uzbekistan, but before planning for camping, the registration rules must be followed.

  • Yurt Camping : Among all accommodations, a Yurt camp is the best Uzbekistan Accommodation that offers tourists to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of nomadic peoples of Central Asia. It also offers to study the old traditions of centuries and stress free life of the local residents against the background of unique nature.

    A Yurt camp is an eco-friendly house, which is made of simple natural materials: wood and sheep wool where each Yurt can accommodate maximum five people. The most famous Yurt camps in Uzbekistan are: Aidar camp, located 10 from the Western shore of the Aidarkul Lake in Navoi region, Safari camp near the city of Nurata, Muynak Yurt camp on the shore of the Aral Sea, etc.

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