Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan

Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan

Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan Overview

The Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan which is posited between the Aral Sea and Amu Darya delta in the east and the Mangyshlak and the Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the west is an important Uzbekistan Attractions. On your visit to various Uzbekistan Destinations, you can witness the clay and stony desert stretching up to 200 000 km² which is the most unique part of your Uzbekistan Tours.

Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan History

In the Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan, there were very few or equivalent to none archeological excavations and researches that were conducted here. The first which began in 1983 in the Western Ustyurt, the pre-historic structures of Bayte Cult Complexes were recovered. The information regarding the same will be provided to the visitors on their Ustyurt Plateau Travel Guide.

The most stimulating Ustyurt sight is the inexplicable designs discovered by scholarly academicians in 1986 during a helicopter flight. Familiar designs were also recovered in the Nazca Desert, Peru. These designs are called arrows and are built of 800 - 900 meters in length, 400 - 600 meters in width, and up to 80 centimeters in height.

Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan
Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan
Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan

Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan Highlights

The main highlights of the Ustyurt Plateau Uzbekistan are as follows:

  • Ustyurt is referred to as the boundary separating Europe from Asia.

  • The various escarpment, a steep inaccessible slope with a height of about 150 m lies on the huge area of the Ustyurt Plateau between the Aral and Caspian Seas.

  • It is advisable to plan your Uzbekistan Tours during the spring or Autumn seasons to observe the best of the sunrises and sunsets in this country.

  • On your tour to the best of these Uzbekistan Destinations, you can see the ground squirrels, colonies of gerbils, and jerboas.

  • There are many inhabitants like vultures, prey, and eagles that can be found here.

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