Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan

Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the most beautiful country in Central Asia. It has the largest city Tashkent as its capital. The official language of the country is Uzbek and Russian which are commonly used as a mode of communication.

On your Uzbekistan Tours the main Interesting Facts about Uzbekistan that you will find are:

  • The official Name of the country is the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • It is known for its mixture of architecture and many museums.

  • Uzbekistan has the highest literacy rate.

  • The Flag of Uzbekistan has profound meaning; four colors, a crescent moon, and 12 stars.

  • The color blue in the flag represents the sky, white symbolizes peace and purity, and the green represents Islam and nature.

  • The crescent moon and 12 stars in the flag denote Islam and 12 months of the Islamic calendar.

  • About 90% of the country's population is Muslims, apart from Islam the other religions are Russian Orthodox, Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism.

  • Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country.

  • Handshakes are accepted only between men.

  • You will need to greet a woman by bowing to her with your hand placed over the heart.

  • The highest point of Uzbekistan is Khazret Sultan, which is 15,233 ft above sea level.

  • Uzbekistan has 2 National parks and 9 natural reserves.

  • Uzbekistan has 5 UNESCO world heritage sites.

  • The economy of Uzbek mainly relies on commodity production, cotton, gold, uranium, and Natural Gas.

  • Uzbekistan's National dish is Plov, it is the main course made of rice, meat pieces, grated carrots, and onions.

  • The Uzbekistan National Beverage is Green tea, which is taken throughout the day.

  • Vodka is a popular drink and taken by the majority of people in Uzbekistan.

  • Uzbekistan has either state-controlled media or nothing. The freedom of the press doesn't exist.

  • In Uzbek tradition, the most respected guest is seated farthest from the entrance of the house.

  • The main activities you can enjoy in Uzbek are; Camel trekking, Hiking, Bird watching, and rafting.

Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan
Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan
Interesting Facts About Uzbekistan

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