Yangiabad Attractions

Yangiabad Attractions

Yangiabad Attractions Overview :

Posited around 100 km from Tashkent and about 10 km from the industrialized city of Angren Yangiabad is quite a young town in Tashkent placed around 1300 m altitude. The various Yangiabad Attractions in Uzbekistan are a must visit among the Uzbekistan Tours due to their stunning views and striking beauty making them the best of all Uzbekistan Destinations.

Yangiabad Attractions
Yangiabad Attractions
Yangiabad Attractions

Yangiabad Attractions History :

The begining of this novel town that provides the best of Yangiabad Attractions began in the 1940s. The rich uranium, silver found in the town attracted various skillful mining specialists that stand as the Yangiabad Attractions today. The strategic location of the place were due to the mineral deposits found here. The many Yangiabad Places Of Attractions were once a busy area of great businesses.

Exciting Things to do in Yangiabad :

The various Things to do in Yangiabad that you will discover on your adventures in the Uzbekistan Tours are:

  • Hiking, Trekking Tour : On the many Uzbekistan Destinations you visit the hiking and trekking are the best parts. The position of this city above 1,300 meters above sea level in the foothills of Tien-Shan makes it ample for the tourists.

  • City Excursion Tour : The fresh air you get to breathe here on your city excursion tour will simply be refreshing for you. The place is positioned away from the multinational lifestyle of the current busy towns and cities and the local life you experience here will be simply memorable to say the least.

  • Picnic Tour : Among many picnic spots found here there is a camp site which goes back in time to the 1970 and is capable to accommodate upto 300 guests with its bars, restaurants and lounges that it offers.

  • Combined City Tour : The best part of the combined city tours is you can cover locations in and around Yangiabad which is about 120 km from Tashkent and offers multi-city tours in your personalised itinerary.

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