Uzbekistan Time Zone

Uzbekistan Time Zone

The Uzbekistan Time Zone is UZT which simply means Uzbekistan Time. Uzbekistan time is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Uzbekistan do not have day light saving time.

The country follows the time zone of its capital city Tashkent find on Uzbekistan Tours.

After the breakup with Soviet Union, there were two Uzbekistan Time Zones. In the soviet period the time zone mostly was daylight time in winter and double day light time in summer. The western part of the country used Samarkand time which was 6 hours ahead of GMT.

The Eastern part of the country observed Tashkent time which was 8 hours ahead the GMT.

Surprisingly, the time changes in Samarkand and Tashkent over the years.

Most of tourist here visit to witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset between the beautiful landscapes. One of the main places to watch sunrise and sunset in Uzbekistan is Bukhara that you will witness on Uzbekistan Tours.

The sunrise time in Bukhara is: 6:49 AM and sunset in Bukhara is 18:51 PM.

When compared to the US time zone, Uzbekistan Time Zone is 9 hours ahead of Washington DC.

Uzbekistan Time Zone
Uzbekistan Time Zone
Uzbekistan Time Zone

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Tashkent

The all times are local time for Tashkent. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins when the earth’s penumbral starts touching the Moon’ face. It happens during the time zone on June 5-6.

Solar Eclipse – Uzbekistan

The next total solar eclipse in Uzbekistan is on 14682 days, which is on Friday 04/03/2060.

As Uzbekistan lies under +5 of Greenwich Mean Time, it is exactly 12 hours ahead of Sydney. This means, Sydney is going -12 of GMT. For example; when the time is 5:34 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent; the time in Sydney is 17:34.

The time difference from Equatorial areas and Uzbekistan is 4 hours. The Uzbekistan cities like Samarkand, Tashkent, and Bukhara has its own daylight time. However, they never have a daylight saving time in Uzbekistan.

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