Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave

Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave

About Day Tours in Hazrat Daud Cave

Famous as one of the holy places near Samarkand, Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave is listed in most of the Uzbekistan Tours. Situated in the Mirankul Mountains, 40 km southwest of Samarkand, Hazrat Daud Cave is a holy sacred place named after Hazrat Daud, the great Islamic preacher.

One Day Trip In Hazrat Daud Cave makes you feel the existence of a powerful force which calmly listen everyone’s prayers to fulfil their desires within the boundary of this cave. Famous as the most holiest and sacred places in Samarkand, Hazrat Daud Cave Day Trips are popular as the pilgrim centre in the entire Uzbekistan and Central Asia region. Hazrat Daud cave has narrow corridor with the width from 0.5 to 4 meters while its length is 30 meters and height is 15 meters.

There are many legendary stories can be heard about this cave becoming a sacred place by the Bible and the miracles. One of the stories says that Hazrat Daud, also known as, St. David was a preacher who believes in monotheism that worshipping of different religion, as a result the Zoroastrians angered on him, as he was called by Muslims. When the Zoroastrians wanted to pursue him, he went to the mountain and praying to the god to protect him. So, the god miraculously gave the power to him to open the cave by his hand to be safe from the attack.

Known as one of the interesting Places To Visit In One Day in Hazrat Daud Cave for the fulfilment of desires, one can see and touch David’s handprints and footprints on the walls of cave during Uzbekistan Tours.

A Tour to the sacred cave of Hazrat Daud in Samarkand, you can climb on donkey or horse, while most of the people prefer to make the long way of 2000 steps on foot. In the Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave, a small Muslim house on the top of the mountain can be seen where mullah prays. From the Muslim house, you have to climb 200 steps more for the cave.

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Attraction Of Hazrat Daud Cave

A Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave is one of the most favoured Day Tours in Uzbekistan.

Hazrat Daud Cave is the most significant pilgrimage site with having 1,300 steps while one have to complete the total 2,600 steps including the return

Day Trips From Hazrat Daud Cave

At the end of the cave, you can touch the handprint and footprint of almighty Hazrat Daud.

You can also take horse and donkey from the locals to travel. From the top of the mountain, the spectacular scenic view from the top of the mountain can be enjoyed.

On the side of the stairs there are shopping stalls selling the trading water, officinal herbs, skins of wild animals and different souvenirs can be seen. You can purchase, if you are interested.

For the Day Tour To Hazrat Daud Cave, spring and autumn season is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

Plan A Day Trip To Hazrat Daud Cave Which Is Undisputedly A Wise Selection

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