Day Tour To Muynak

Day Tour To Muynak

About Day Tours in Muynak

Day Tours In Muynak represents the most obscure place that tells one of the darkest secrets of Soviet Union, the disappearance of The Aral Sea which was once known as the 4th largest lake in the world. During Uzbekistan Tours, you will able to see the disaster of Aral Sea becoming a desert and home of the graveyard of old ships on the One Day Trip In Muynak.

Muynak, the city in Karakalpastan, is located 210 km from north of Nukus. Once it was on the bank of Aral Sea while, the decision taken by Soviet Union to divert the direction of Amu Darya and Syr Darya River for the purpose of agriculture and industries make the place far from Aral Sea. Muynak port was once famous as a port with its ships, plethora of fish and thriving trade. 

Day Tour To Muynak
Day Tour To Muynak
Day Tour To Muynak

Paces To Visit In One Day in Muynak

Chilpik Kala

On Muynak Day Trips, you will also visit Chilpik Kala, one of the most ancient monuments of Karakalpstan. With an age more than 2200 years, Chilpik Kala is a round roofless tower with a height of 15 meters and 65 meters in diameter. Known as Zoroastrian ancient monument, it was used for the burial of dead people. As per their belief, after the death of the person, they used to keep the dead body of that person thrown in the tower for the prêt birds. After completely eaten by birds, they collected the bones and dug into the grounds.

Mizdakhan Necropolis

Located close to Gyaur-Kala fortress, Mizdakhan necropolis is one of the oldest sites to take a visit on Uzbekistan Tours. Dating back to the 4th century BC, it was named by Arabs as “a fortress of disbelievers”. Today, it is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites of Karakalpakstan.

Karakal pakstan State Museum of Art

Visiting and exploring The Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art is one of the interesting Things To Do In Karakalpakstan. Named after I.V. Savitsky, the Russian Artist, this museum is known as the second-largest collection of Russian avant-garde in the world.

The Ship Cemetery

The Ship Cemetery is one of the interesting Places To Visit In One Day in Muynak and once it was the place of Muynak port. After the shrinkage of Aral Sea, the ships are stands as abandoned, rusting and sinking.

Trip to the Aral Sea

During the Day Trips From Muynak, you can see the desert of Aral Sea with the grave yard of abandoned old ships.

For the Day Tours in Uzbekistan, March, April and from September to November is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

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