Things To Do In Tashkent

Things To Do In Tashkent

Overview About Things To Do In Tashkent :

Tashkent is the cultural centre of Uzbekistan. It has craft centres, small memorial museums and others which existed over several decades. It also has centre for applied arts. The cultural heritage of the city and the country as a whole are on display at over dozen public places and allows various Things to do in Tashkent. You can experience the every bit of it while in Uzbekistan Tours.

Things To Do In Tashkent
Things To Do In Tashkent
Things To Do In Tashkent

Things To Do In Tashkent :

  • Chorsu Bazaar : The Chorsu Bazaar is Tashkent's biggest market where locals can buy anything from raw food products, fresh fruits and veggies, honey and spices to clothing, jewelry, beauty products and more.

  • Visit the Kukeldash Madrasah and the Dzuma Mosque : The Kukeldash Madrasah is the largest madrasah and one of the most famous historical places in Tashkent. It is one of the reasons to go to Tashkent.

  • Admire The Minor Mosque : Minor Mosque is a striking new mosque in Tashkent. It was built in 2014 on the banks of the Ankhor Canal. It made of Marble and locals call it snow mosque.

  • Climb the Tashkent TV Tower : The Tashkent Tower is the 11th tallest tower in the world. You can take the elevator until the 6th floor and enjoy the panoramic views over the city from the observation deck. There's also a restaurant on the 7th floor where you can have a beer and/or enjoy a meal at a reasonable price. It is in of the Top Tashkent Fun Activities Games.

  • Visit The Memorial to The Victims of Repression and The Surrounding Park : The memorial itself is a large gazebo-shaped structure with a blue dome. The museum is dedicated to the people who fought for the independence of Uzbekistan during the Soviet Union time and who were killed by the government.

  • Ride The Metro : This is also one of the Things to do in Tashkent. You can ride a Metro when it is hot outside, the metro is airconditioned. Visiting one of the best metros in the world can be memeroable Outdoor activities in Tashkent.

  • Uzbekistan's History In The State Museum Of History : If you want to learn a bit more about Uzbekistan's history, then should defenietly visit the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan. The museum has 2 floors and has history of over 2500 years.

  • Amir Timur Square : The Amir Timur square is dedicated to the national hero of Uzbekistan. The architecture of the buiding is photogenic and beautiful with golden doomed ceiling.

    As tourism to the region increases, Tashkent is slowly starting to change. Tashkent is starting to show itself as a fascinating destination in its own way offering a lot of things to do in Tashkent.

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