Mizdakhan Necropolis

Mizdakhan Necropolis

Overview About Mizdakhan Necropolis :

Mizdakhan Necroplis is a grandiose ancient architectural cemetery got its name as a fortress of disbelievers as it was the city of Zoroastrians before the conquest of Arab. Mizdakhan ensemble has been a sacred place on the bank of Amudarya River. Mizdakhan Necropolis or cemetery is the huge complex with age-diverse antiquities. It also has one of the most ancient cemeteries in Central Asia which is one of the reasons of becoming a part on Uzbekistan Tours.

This archaeological site reflects the ancient tradition Zoroastrians and Islam intertwined. A visit to the ensemble of old burials, the ruins of medieval mausoleums, the ruins of the oldest buildings, a city of Golden Horde times, caravanserai, ruins of separate estates and palaces is one of the best Things To Do In Nukus.

Mizdakhan Necropolis
Mizdakhan Necropolis
Mizdakhan Necropolis

Antiquity Of Mizdakhan Necropolis :

Mizdakhan has the most ancient antiquities in Central Asia which comprises of the mausoleums of Shamun-nabi, MazMizdakhan-sulu, Caliph Erejep, and Jumart-kassab hillock.

Other antiquities can be found in Mizdakhan Necropolis are city of Golden Horde times, caravanserai, ruins of separate estates and palaces, remains of irrigation canals.

After Arabs captured the fortress during 8th century, they destroyed the Zoroastrianism and buried the dead bodies according to Muslim rites. As per the legend, Mizdakhan Necropolis has Adam's grave which in turn become one of the holy places in Uzbekistan.

Another reason of it becoming a holy place is Apocalypse Clock, which was named after named after Caliph Erejep, the Islam preacher who taught his subject for 40 years and after his death, his spirit continued his work. Every year, one brick falls down from the building and according to the legend when the last one fall the end of the world will come.

Location Of Mizdakhan Necropolis :

Mizdakahan Necropolis is situated on three hills 3 to 4 kilometres to the south from Khojeyli town, along the main tracks which lead towards Ustyurt plateau and Muynak.

Mizdakhan Necropolis Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

The work and architecture on Apocalypse Clock is a very high rectangular structure during 9th century has an outstanding construction work built from sun-dried earth and burnt bricks.

The mausoleum of Mazlumkhon-sulu at the top of the eastern hill reflects the legend of love and has an amazing structure with only a round dome and entrance portal. The other attractions of this ensemble are Shamun-nabi mausoleum and Jumart-Kassab architecture design.

For the tourists, exploring the famous Central Asia's ancient ruins of Zoroastrians in Mizdakhan Necropolis is one of the best Things To Do In Nukus.

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