Day Tour In Khiva

Day Tour In Khiva

One Day Trip In Khiva Highlights

The enchanting pocket-city of Khiva in its day tour offers unique destinations and which are truly breathtaking. In your Day Tour In Khiva you may start off at 6:00 am in the morning and return at around 11:00pm. The best part about Uzbekistan Tours is the unique destinations that it offers which are simply mind blowing.

In your One Day Trip In Khiva you will closely witness the various UNESCO-protectedand other impressive sightsin a similar fashion as the merchants travelled in a day in Khiva in the medieval times as Khiva was an important part of Uzbekistan’s Silk Road.

What are Day Trips From Khiva to other Destinations like?

On your Day Trips From Khiva you can visit the Fifty Fortresses in the Uzbek republic of Karakalpakstan which is a six hour tour from Khiva. These fortresses were earlier lined up and positioned tactically so no one could sneak along the Silk Road without being unnoticed in the medieval times.

EuroAsia Travels will organise many such Khiva Day Trips as per your convenience. The cost of a Day Tour In Khiva is around USD40-50 for short tour and full a day version for USD60-70. You just cannot miss these Day Tours in Uzbekistan as they are the best affordable trips in the country and you can see more destinations in a short period of time.

Day Tour In Khiva
Day Tour In Khiva
Day Tour In Khiva

Top Paces To Visit In One Day in Khiva

The various Paces To Visit In One Day in Khiva are:

  • You will visit the Ata-Darvaza which is the main gateway to enter the city and is located in the western part of Ichan-Kala. The madrasah of Muhammad Aminhana (1855) is located on the right side of the gate while on the left side the khan's palace Ark (Kunya-ark) is posited which is an inspiring structure with huge entrance gates and wall.

  • You will then visit the Blue Minaret which is the ultimate place for all writers, poets, and artists.

    • Mausoleum of Seyd Allaudin

    • Juma mosque and minaret

    • Palace of the Allaqulikhan, Khan of Khiva - Tash Khauli

Among the various Things To Do In Khiva you will be visiting the follwoing other places:

  • Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum

  • Wood carving workshop

  • Silk carpet-making workshop

  • Harem

  • Caravan Saray of Allaqulikhan

  • Madrassah of Qutlug Murad Inaq

  • First secular school in Khiva

  • Madrasah and Minaret of Islam Hodja

Excited for you thrilling Adventure to Khiva?

You must be really excited after reading all about your Day Tour In Khiva, and must be wondering about Uzbekistan Tours and how to plan these hassle free. Worry not as our well planned itineraries will help you immensely in this regard. Moreover our Uzbekistan Travel Advice will give you a detailed view of various destinations in and around Khiva, thier past stories and historical backgrounds and more.

With Euroasia Travels your trip to this mesmerizing town to Khiva will be filled with surprises. So don’t delay and book your Uzbekistan Travel Packages with us today!

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