Winter Sports In Uzbekistan

Winter Sports In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan records a mild winter season and also is cold like other countries. Its gives you a surprise package with cold and hot at times. Uzbeks do not miss to enjoy the season as they conduct a lot ofwinter sportsin Uzbekistan during this season. The main of them are Ice Hockey and the other sports in Uzbekistan are; Figure skating, Hot Air Ballooning, Paragliding and Skiing.

Average Temperature:

The temperature is -18 degree F in the winter and drops up to 28 degree F in the later season at the mountains. In the remaining part temperature is 48 degree F in daytime and -24 degree F at night time.

Winter Season in Uzbekistan :

Winter Season starts from December and lasts until February and you can plan your Uzbekistan Tours at this season to participate in the games.

So, let us know about the winter sports in Uzbekistan in detail:

Ski sport:

Skiing is a recreational activity as well as a competitive sport. The sport is mainly of moving in snows with the use of long runners called skis, which is attached to your boots or shoes.

The main place for skiing as per Uzbekistan Travel guide is Chimgan-Beldersay. This is located in the mountains of western Tein-Shan. If you are going with family and children for leisure then Chimgan would be best for Skiing. If you are a professional skier, then Beldersay welcomes you to attempt your skills with snowboard.

Winter Sports In Uzbekistan
Winter Sports In Uzbekistan
Winter Sports In Uzbekistan

Figure skating:

Figure skating in Uzbekistan or the Uzbek figure skating championship are sport competition held annually to crown the national champions of Uzbekistan. Figure skating is sport in which ice skaters perform freestyle movements of flips and jumps. You will need to make best and graceful footwork.

There are different types of figure skating which include; freestyle, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized team skating. The style and technique differ from each category of skating. It is a powerful and graceful sport, it is a mixture of art and sport, and it is all about convincing the judges.

Hockey in Uzbekistan:

The Ice hockey in Uzbekistan is governed by Uzbekistan Ice Hockey Federation. Uzbekistan has been a active member of International Hockey federation since 2019. Nowadays, hockey in Uzbekistan has its own popularity. There are 4 ice rinks and 369 professional players in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent has large ice palace ‘ Humo Arena’ and it is the main winter palace which can accommodate around 12,500 spectators. In 2019 another ice rink was opened ‘Frozen rink’ with natural ice of Olympic standard. The famous hockey club in Uzbekistan in Tashkent is ‘Binokor’ founded in 1971.

Paragliding in Uzbekistan:

Paragliding is one of the easiest ways to soar above the ground without any skills. You will just need to have desire and a bit of courage. The speed of paragliding differs from 20 to 70 kms per hour.

Paragliding in Uzbekistan can be done year around expect when it rains. The best place to Paraglide in Uzbekistan is Charvak Lake. It is a very comfortable spot; it is located only 90 kms from Tashkent and is a great place for recreation and active sports activities including paragliding.

You will need to make sure to follow the safety procedures as per Uzbekistan Travel Advice.

Hot Air Ballooning

Uzbekistan now allows you to enjoy the bird's eye view of its beautiful landscapes. The flights are carried out on the picturesque places of Almaty region and in other regions of the country according to your request. You can flight with 2-8 people in a hot air balloon.

This ride will last for 20 minutes and will fly till 75 100 metres. The hot Air balloon is a new and popular activity. The balloons give you an opportunity to watch the country from a panoramic view and also a closest view of the top most buildings. You can enjoy this game while in Uzbekistan Tours.

You can enjoy the Winter Sports in Uzbekistan during the particular season and make memories while in the country. We at Euro Asia Travels make sure your visit be the best one. Plan your winter trip with us!

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