Chakar Mosque

Chakar Mosque

Chakar Mosque Overview

Chakar Mosque is one of the Margilan Attractions that comes among the ancient buildings which has survived the local earthquakes. Muslims have the tradition to replace the old cult structures with the new structure.

Chakar mosque was built on the site of an old, dilapidated buildings of the cult during the winter. Today, only summer part has been preserved from the building, representing closed on three sides’ aivan with columns which can be seen on Uzbekistan Tours

Chakar Mosque
Chakar Mosque
Chakar Mosque

History Of Chakar Mosque

As per the legend, Chakar Mosque was built in 1911. As per the tradition, the muslims replace the new Chakar Mosque replaced the old dilapidated Marghilan’s mosque, in the early 20th century. The new mosque had a winter praying hall, an aivan terrace, and household facilities around the yard. During Soviet times most of the mosques were destroyed because of the reconstruction of the town. Today, the dissymmetric summer aivan stands with its three sides shut and one side eastward is open.

Chakar Mosque Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

During Uzbekistan Tours, the flat ceiling of the avian, which is partitioned by wooden beams into rectangular plafond decorated with splendid paintings. There are show vases with bouquets of flowers against red or green backgrounds, which reflect the crafts and painting skill of Ferghana Valley craftsman. The tall decoratively shaped cornice of the aivan, skillfully wood carving, and covered with patterns of trefoils with red flowers.

There is an Arabic inscription on one of the beans bears. The name of the builders of the mosque can be found in the inscription are Usto Tukhtabek and Mir-Bobo Hajji of Hojent.

With a notable Margilan Attractions, the exquisite interior decoration of Chakar Mosque, especially the paintings of the plafonds, reflects the extraordinary skills of the Ferghana Valley craftsmen.

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