Architectural Complex Sheihantaur

Architectural Complex Sheihantaur

Overview About Architectural Complex Sheihantaur :

The Architectural Complex Sheihantaur was built in the honor of Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur). He was born near the ending of 13th century. He was a Sayed, which means he was descents of Quraysh tribe. Sheikh Umar, father of Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur was believed to be a direct descendant in the 17th generation of the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab. Khoja (Khwaja) is the famous title given to the male members of this family. Sheikh Khoja Umar arrived in Tashkent with a mission to spread the teachings of Islam. Later on, he moved to the village near the mountain called Bogustan, where he spent his entire life preaching. Thus the birthplace of Sheikh Khoja Hovendi at-Tahur was Bogustan in the Tashkent.

Architectural Complex Sheihantaur
Architectural Complex Sheihantaur
Architectural Complex Sheihantaur

History Of Architectural Complex Sheihantaur :

At a young age, Sheihantaur was initiated into the Yasawiyya Sufi order by Dervishes in the Yasi town. Later on, Sheikh came to Tashkent where he had fame and well-known as wisest of the wise. It is said that Sheikh died between 1355 and 1360.

In the 14th century, the mausoleum of Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur was constructed, but there have been repeated changes in the outward appearance over the years. There is a unique sacred alley of religious trees known as Saur of Iskander (stonelike tree trunk of Alexander the Great) beside the gravestone of the mazar (mausoleum). Alexander the Great, who is widely honored in the East as a mythical hero or “Pahlewan.”

Now the burial complex is surrounded to the Mausoleum, named by Saint himself. Before the Soviet period entire district of Tashkent was named as Sheihantaur. There are several prominent persons are buried some among them are, Hakem (chief of the district) of Sheihantaur, Yunus Khoja, he was the ruler of Tashkent in the 18th century etc.

Only three monuments remained intact among 16 monuments, among them one is Mausoleum of Sheihantaur. Two of them, are Mausoleum of Kaldyrgach-bi and that of Yunus Khan of Moghulistan can also be found at that place.

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