Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum

Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum

Overview About Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum :

Known as one of the Samarkand Attractions, Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum is the buried place of Abu Mansur al-Maturidi (870-944), more than 3000 scholars and theologians. This building is crowned by two domes that you will witness on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Location Of Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum :

Located on the east of the famous Registan Square, Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum is an iconic destination in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum
Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum
Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum

History Of Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum :

Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum was built over the Tomb of Abu Mansur Al-Maturidi, the famous Islamic theologian, expert of fiqh, the founder and eponym of one school of kalyam. He was born in the city of Maturid, near Samarkand, and studied religious subjects. It is also the buried place of more than 3,000 scholars and theologians. In 1930, it was destroyed. The complex was newly constructed in 2000 in the honor of 1130 anniversary of the scholar's birth the architectural complex was newly constructed.

Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum Design and Architecture :

The size of the square of Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum is 12x12 meters with a height of 17.5 meters. The dome of the mausoleum has 2 lays. The outer dome is covered with blue majolica whereas, the low building with a dome dakhma can be found on the west side of the mausoleum.

The drum is decorated by 24 arches and window lattices- pandjara. There is Imam al Matrudy's inscription on the tombstone of white marble you can read during Samarkand Tours.

Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

On the north side of Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum, an elevation (sufa) with tombstones of the 9th-18th centuries is placed. The double dome is the main attraction in the tourism sector where the outer one is ribbed, decorated with blue majolica.

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