Rukhabad Mausoleum

Rukhabad Mausoleum

Overview About Rukhabad Mausoleum :

Rukhabad Mausoleum was built on the memory of Abdi-Darunee or Abd-Al-Mazeddin and one of the most famous Samarkand Sights for its most incredible architectural design.

Rukhabad Mausoleum is a complex of memorial structures, made for the purpose of religious, spiritual and education in Samarkand. Dedicated to Abd-Al-Mazeddin, the supplement meaning is "Darunee" means "internal", as his tomb inside of Samarkand's city walls.

Rukhabad Mausoleum
Rukhabad Mausoleum
Rukhabad Mausoleum

History Of Rukhabad Mausoleum :

Sheikh Abdi-Darunee reached in Samarkand from the Arabian Peninsula in 9th century and became the local judge of the area. He was also an expert of studies of Quran and Sharia.

The Rukhabad Mausoleum In Samarkand was developed in 12th century and in 15th century, it was reconstructed.

Location Of Rukhabad Mausoleum :

Rukhabad Mausoleum is a complex located in Samarkand city, the second largest city of Uzbekistan.

Rukhabad Mausoleum

Antiquities of Rukhabad Mausoleum Plans, Facades and Sections

Rukhabad Mausoleum Design and Architecture :

The main architectural elements of the Rukhabad Mausoleum In Samarkand consists of a courtyard with a measure of 25 meters. Most of the portion of the courtyard is occupied by an octagonal house and plane trees. The perimeter alongside of northern side, there is a madrasah, hujras and other household premises, facing towards courtyard. The perimeter is surrounded by a flat-roofed avian from east side and resting on wooden columns.

In the southern part of Rukhabad Mausoleum complex, there is a mausoleum with khanaka. The mausoleum is a cubic-shaped room at the end of the building whereas; the khanaka with the mausoleum has a portal dome composition. The dome is covered with blue tiles which rest on a high cylindrical drum. Now, the interior of the mausoleum is modest and there are no paintings in gold and ceramics.

Rukhabad Mausoleum Highlighted Point Of Attraction :

In Rukhabad Mausoleum complex, there is a room near mausoleum, known as ziarathana which is for praying and religious ceremonies. The big lake khauz, surrounded by the ancient grains called chinara is also an attraction point and the pilgrims come from all over the world.

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