Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata

Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata

Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata Overview:

The Zengi-Ata Architectural Complex is situated at Zengi-Ata a small town near Tashkent City. The Zengi-Ata architectural complex constitutes a huge historical and artistic value. The ensemble was built on the location near to the place where Sheikh Aj-Hodzha was buried, it was named after him Zengi-Ata which means “black." He survived from the ending of 12th up to the first half of the 13th century. Sheikh Aj-Hodzha was the fifth disciple of Sufi Saint Hodzha Ahmad Jassavi, who was a prominent spiritual leader of the Turkic tribes of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata
Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata
Architectural Complex Zangi-Ata

According to the legend, the construction of the ensemble was started by Amir Temur also known as Temur Lang. Two mausoleums were constructed for the Saint Zengi-Ata and his wife Ambar-Bibi by Amir Temur.

There are three territories which are: number one a complex constructed in the 14-19 century. Second is an extended garden. Third, the mosque, minaret, madrasah, and the mausoleum of Ambar-Bibi. Darvazakhana is the entrance to the ensemble, with a portal-dome construction with turrets on the corners. Darvaza (entrance) is just 6x7m and the inside premises is blocked by an arch "balkhi," with the height of the building is 3.3 meters. The straight line connecting to the portal arch is 4.16 meters with its height of 6.58 meters. The path from the gate up to the entrance to the second courtyard is 22 meters in length, next to Darvazakhana (entrance) which is the entrance to the main complex.

There is a big hauz in the south of the entrance path. The grand and imposing entrance to the Zengi-Ata mausoleum takes to the south corner of the courtyard and it's built on the boundaries of the cemetery. The khudjra's have been filled in a great quantity in and around the boundary.

In the year 1914 to 1915, the original minaret (tower) was built in front of the mosque, adjoining the old cemetery with the historical complex from the south direction with entrance to the mausoleum of Ambar-Bibi.

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