Overview About Urgut :

Located from 50 kilometres from Samarkand, Urgut Excursion is famous in Samarkand Tours for Chor-Chinor garden, Shaytan Jiga or Devil's Helmet, Urgut market, monasteries of Car Cenar and PirḠawṯ-e Aʿẓam.

Known as one of the major Samarkand Attractions, Urgut offers many things to the visitors like enjoying the dramatic tranquil landscapes, enjoying in Chor Chinar garden and a lot more.


Location Of Urgut :

Urgut, the ancient city is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level on the foot of Zarafshan range which is 50 kilometres from Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

History Of Urgut :

Founded in 17th century, Urgut was ruled by Uzbek military mingi governors since 18th century. During the time of Bukhara Emirates, Urgut was first the centre of the province (bekstvo). In the late middle ages, Urgut was a fortified fortress and seized by Russian troop while fighting with Bukhara Emirates. In 1996, the ruins of the Nestorian church of 9th century were discovered from the plateau of Shaytan Jiga. In 1973, Urgut received the status of the town.

Urgut Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

In Samarkand Tours, you can find a lot of Best Things To Do In Urgut.

Urgut Market is the largest market in Samarkand region where traditional handicrafts, particularly Suzanne, carpets, jewels, metalwork and ceramics can be found. There are smithies, tin workshops, clothes and traditional leather boots.

Among the Tourist Attractions In Urgut, Chor-Chinor is an ancient garden with the plane trees 800 to 1800 years old, offers a tranquil environment to enjoy. Other attraction you can find is ShaytanJiga or Demon Plateau (Devil's Helmet) which is known as sacrificing ground for the witches and devil worshippers.

Other attractions can be found in Urgut are Monastries of ČārČenār and PirḠawṯ-e Aʿẓam which are devoted to Khoja Abu Ṭāleb Sarmast (Samanid missionary) and Abd-al-QāderJilāni, the creator of Qāderi Sufi order respectively.

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