Complex Khoja Abdi Birun

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun

Overview About Complex Khoja Abdi Birun :

Built during the 17th century, Complex Khoja Abdi Birun is known as one of the largest medieval memorials (hazir) in the territory of Central Asia. This mausoleum is one of the most important Samarkand Attractions, as it is related to Prophet Muhammad. As this mausoleum is located outside the city walls of Samarkand, it is named as Khoja Abdi Birun, which means external or outside.

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun
Complex Khoja Abdi Birun
Complex Khoja Abdi Birun

Location Of Complex Khoja Abdi Birun :

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun In Samarkand is located in the south-east of Samarkand in Akmechet village. Located outskirts of Samarkand walls, the Complex Khoja Abdi Birun has khanaqa and burial yard.

History Of Complex Khoja Abdi Birun :

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun was built in 17th century by the famous dignitary Nadir Divan-Begi. He was one of the first preachers of Islam in Samarkand.

Mausoleum of Khoja Abdi Birun or Khoja Abdi Darun Shrine referred to one person and he was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Abdi Birun Ensemble formed the buried place of Khoja Abdi after his death. Birun means the name of place of his burial and darun means internal whereas, Abd-is Darun was buried opposite to the mausoleum.

During the Mongol invasion in 1220, the cemetery of Abdi Birun was completely destroyed. In 1963, a burial yard are reconstructed by the brick walls to cover the ground crypt made with marble, also known as, dakhma or ground tomb.

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun Design and Architecture :

Known as one of major Samarkand Attractions, this mausoleum has two unique and most visited place. The Khanaqa of Complex Khoja Abdi Birun is decorated with mosaic made up of bricks having blue ornament and rounded dome. The entrance to the buried place made in the form of the portal, known as darvazahona. The buried palce is a massive rectangular stilobat, reverted with marble on which it is put, is known as Sagan. The centre is decorated with majolica surrounded by the brick wall of the mosque Mikhrab.

The main hall is blocked by a spherical dome which is like a bass cylindrical drum. This drum of the dome is decorated by an epigraphic ornament and known as girikhy.

Complex Khoja Abdi Birun Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

On Uzbekistan Tours, the Khanaqa is one of the most important hotspot in Complex Khoja Abdi Birun. As the Khanaqa is the living place of dervishes, it is known as Sufi monastery.

The buried place of khoja Abdi Birun is a marble made ground tomb is the main centre of this mausoleum.

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