Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum

Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum

Overview of Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum

The Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum which was constructed in 1823 is located around 20 km away from Kokand and is the burial place of mother and wife of Shokhi Jalil. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you can visit this amazing place which is a popular Kokand Attractions, and observe the monument closely as some of the Thing To Do In Kokand.

Bibi-Buvaida MausoleumDesign and Architecture

The Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum is a rectangular building with 18 x 8 meters of dimensions that combine two square rooms, covered with a dome. The portal highlights the main entrance of Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum. On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will find the rectangular building raised with bricks and covered with domes. The striking features of the dome are the tomb tombstone with a lancet (Sagan) and memorial mosque. Visit this gorgeous Mausoleum with EuroAsia Travels and enjoy many fun Thing To Do In Kokand. preserved only on the portal carved ganch solar sign this Kokand attraction is world renown.

Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum
Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum
Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum

Bibi-Buvaida Mausoleum Highlights

  • There was a small camera attached to the burial of granddaughter Bibi Buvaida on the eastern side of the ziaratkhana.

  • The form of this design or structure is referred to as Rumi.

  • Arched galleries and doors that remain here till date are ornamented with shallow carved geometrical ornamentation

  • The architectural simplicity, clarity of ideas attract attention to the monument from across the globe

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