Uzbekistan Money & Costs

Uzbekistan Money & Costs

A better understanding about the Uzbekistan Money & Costs can help you to make hassle-free and comfortable in Uzbekistan Tours. As the home of historical monuments in major cities on famous Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan in Central Asia has become one of the major tourist destinations for the travellers and visitors.

Asked by many travellers, Uzbekistan Money & Costs is one of the major factors which shows the expenses anyones wants to fulfill his/her desires. For most of the people travelling Uzbekistan is really expensive; but the truth is knowing before deciding, solves half of the money related problems for Uzbekistan Tours.

Daily Costs


Negotiation or bargaining is the major weapon to cut down the expenses while travelling. Negotiation can help you to save the money while purchasing the souvenirs or other goods from the famous bazaars or paying for taxi. Some sellers may find you as a newcomer and demand for the high cost, but don't bargain by cutting the half of demanded price. As a major factor of Uzbekistan Money & Costs, it can reduce the expenses or give additional Things To Do In Uzbekistan. But don't bargain to cut half of the demanded price.


The visitors can withdraw money from the ATM, but you need to have the amount of money in Som, the Uzbekistan Local Currency in your account. Add some extra money to buy the souvenirs or goods, tipping, and renting for other accommodation. But while returning, you should have less than announced money before entering Uzbekistan through the airport.


For tipping, buying or paying taxi rent, one should have enough cash in different local currency. However, after policy reforms in September 2017, the tourists have to pay in Som. The banks in the cities of Uzbekistan give US dollar cash in advance on a Visa or Master Card with a 3% commission rate.

Changing Money

Often asked in Uzbekistan Travel FAQ's by many tourists to change the money easily after arriving at Uzbekistan Airport. There are many official exchange booths and chambers are available at airports and hotels in the purpose of changing the currency. One can also exchange the currency in the Banks Of Uzbekistan, private banks or any financial institutions. There is no worth to take risk by going the black market to exchange currency as the market collapsed after the regulation of reformed foreign currency policies.

Uzbekistan Money & Costs
Uzbekistan Money & Costs
Uzbekistan Money & Costs

Exchange Rates

The exchange rates actually matters for deciding the Uzbekistan Money & Costs. The exchange rates according to the US$ as the following:

1 USD = 10152.8 UZS (United States of America)

1 CAD = 7462.55 UZS (Canada)

1 AUD = 6940.45 UZS (Australia)

1 EUR = 11351.8 UZS (Euro Zone)


Included in Uzbekistan Money & Costs, the expenses for the tipping mostly asked in Uzbekistan Tour FAQ's by the new Central Asian travellers. The tipping charge in the restaurants should be less than 15% as the service tax. Tipping to the guides is very helpful for both the guide and visitors as it motivates guide to give some extraordinary or outstanding service to you.

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