Day Tour To Seven Old Castles

Day Tour To Seven Old Castles

Overview About Day Tour To Seven Old Castles

On your Day Tour To Seven Old Castles, you will get to visit some of the most amazing destinations and explore the ancient cities of the country on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Day Tour To Seven Old Castles Are:

Kyzyl Kala (Red Fortress) :

Located 27 km from Beruni town the fortress covers a total area of 65х63 meters and was constructed as a defensive structure for the Khorezm kingdom. The thick fortress walls are 8 meters thick and formed strong protection from enemy attacks.

Tuprak Kala :

On your Day Tour To Seven Old Castles, you will visit this ground fortress which has a rectangular structure with dimensions of 500 x 350 meters. The height reaches 8-9 meters and the total length of the perimeter walls is more than a kilometer.

Ayaz Kala (Fortress in the wind) :

On your adventurous Uzbekistan Tours, you can also visit the Ayaz Kala which is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Kyzylkum Desert. This unfinished fortress remained was never habitable. But makes a great architectural destination to explore on your tours.

Day Tour To Chimgan
Day Tour To Chimgan
Day Tour To Chimgan

Kirkkyz Kala (Fortress of Forty Virgins)

On your Day Tour To Seven Old Castles, you can visit the Kirkkyz fortress which covers an area of 65х63 meters and is located on the flat district. This fortress was a great place of trade and was part of the Great Silk Road.

Janbas Kala

This rectangular fortress is a frontier fortress in the south-eastern border of ancient Khoresm and its structure quite accurately orients the corners of the earth.

Koy Kyrylgan Kala

The enormous clay construction of the Fortress which has a diameter of 42 m has remained intact to this day. The height of the building is about 8 m, and the diameter of the whole construction - about 90 m.

Guldursun Kala

The relative latecomer fortress of Guldursun Kala was built in the XII-XIII centuries. Its walls bound an area of 6.4 hectares and it is also one of the region's largest fortresses with slightly over 1 kilometer.

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