Chashma Complex

Chashma Complex

Overview About Chashma Complex

Built by Alexander The Great, Chasma Complex is one of the most ancient monuments in Uzbekistan. Chasma Complex is actually a fortress which is located in Nurata and the whole Navoi Region. As a great sample of archaeology of most ancient times, Chasma Complex is one of the best tourist destinations to visit on Uzbekistan Tours.

Located in the hill south of Nurata village, Chasma Complex has Juma mosque, Nur fortress, Nur-ata cemetery, Pandjavakta mosque, spring, basin, and Besh Pandja are the best places to explore. The cult complex name comes from “Chasma”, which means ‘holy spring’.

History Of Chashma Complex

Known as one of the most famous Navoi Attractions, Chasma Complex was built on a hill in 4th century BC. The fortress was surrounded by the vallum and the water supply systems were built by Alexander The Great. As the fortress was located on the border between the agricultural settlement Samarkand and the territory of nomads, the water system can help the defenders, especially in the attack or invasion.

Chashma Complex
Chashma Complex
Chashma Complex

Chashma Complex Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

On Uzbekistan Tours, this complex has many things to offer as Uzbekistan Highlights. One of these sites is Panjvakta Mosque, the oldest mosque in the region, located in the complex. It was built in 16th century earlier than Juma Mosque and the interior of the mosque was made of wood engravings and other elements of Central Asia Decor.

The major reason behind the famousness of Chasma Complex in Navoi Region is a holy spring or “Chasma”, which has the water that can heal all kind of diseases and even the brain or mental disorders. The temperature of the spring remains constant which is 19 degree Celsius.

Another attraction is the well “Besh pandja”. With a wall that has bricked by the stones, the water is miraculous where one can clearly see the countours or “marks of line” at the bottom of the well. The “Besh pandja” is a Tajik language, which means “five fingers”.

Built in 16th century after Panjvakta Mosque, Juma Mosque or “Chilsutun”, as per the locals, has 16 columns and the whole mosque is covered by 25 small domes. The height of the minaret is 6 meters, which is situated on the above of main portal.

On the northern part of the ensemble, there is a bathhouse which was erected in 1922. It has 12 rooms such as tambours, bathing huts, reservoirs for cold and hot water.

The deep basin of Chasma Complex is known for its irregular form which was surrounded by the narrow wooden path around the periphery. The narrow ivans and funeral rooms can be found on the eastern and southern sides of the basin.

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