Charvak Lake Attractions

Charvak Lake Attractions

Charvak Lake Overview :

Situated in Bostanliq district of northern Tashkent region, Charvak Lake Attractions are among the highlighted places to visit in Uzbekistan Tours. Famous as the Pearl of Tian Shan Mountains, Charvak Reservoir's sights include the deep blue clear water, recreation zones and the great panorama of small and big Chimgan peaks on the western Tienshans.

The famous Uzbekistan Destinations are not all about the ancient monuments and the mixed culture with a long history of different empires, it's also about the natural paradises.

Most famous as a resort among the Lakes Of Uzbekistan, Charvak Reservoir is in the vicinity of Tashkent.

Charvak Lake Location :

Listed among the major Uzbekistan Destinations, Charvak Lake or Reservoir is located 80 km from Tashkent in Charvaq village in Bostanliq district. The recreation areas along its coastline are about 100 kilometres which lies on the slopes of western Tian Shan Mountains.

Charvak Lake Attractions
Charvak Lake Attractions
Charvak Lake Attractions

Sightseeing In Charvak Lake :

The highlighted Tourist Attractions in Charvak Lake are small villages with notable cultural and historical relics including Bogistan village, petroglyphs, glorious views of dramatuc landscapes and picturesque mountains. During Uzbekistan Tours, the great panorama of Big and Small Chimgan peaks and other rock mountains grab your attentions in Yusupkhona and Brichmula villages.

Known as one of the Charvak Attractions, Bogiston village is not only known for its scenic beauty, it's also famous as it is the birthplace of the Sufi saint Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur and his descendant, Sheikh Ubaydulla Ahror, a renowned Sufi leader of 15th century.

Things To Do In Charvak Lake

Going on a hike on the surrounding mountains in charming Charvak region, swimming, paragliding, riding on water scooter, and enjoying the fresh pure air in an incredble scenic nature are the best Things to do in Charvak Lake.

Visit Khodjikent village to see the petroglyphs tucked away in the caves and other historical sites in Charvak region. Going on hiking trails and visiting waterfalls, caves, ravines and walnut groves are the most interesting Places To Visit In Charvak Lake.

Charvak Lake is famous place for fishing as it is the inhabitant of varieties of fish like carp, trout, whitefish, peled etc. Visit the Recreational centres such as Charvak Oromgokhi and Bochka Cafe. Known as one of the Charvak Attractions, Charvak Oromgokhi is a rest and wellness Resort gives opportunities for boating, swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, water skiing and paragliding. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine and European dishes in Bochka Cafe.

Mountain Tours In Charvak

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