Kuva Attractions

Kuva Attractions

Kuva Overview :

Located in the north-east of Fergana region and 20 km from Fergana City, Kuva is famous as Buddhism Centre in Fergana Valley. Kuva Attractions got their place in Uzbekistan Tours, as these are the monuments representing the Buddha and other Indian deities. According to Arabian, Kubo means hill. Kuva is one among Uzbekistan Destinations, which is located is on the Great Silk Road connected with Kashgar. Kuva Town In Uzbekistan is located in the north-east of Fergana Province, 20 km from the city of Fergana, its administrative centre.

Another story says, 'Kuva' name was originated from Turk name 'Kuba', which was the mispronunciation of word 'Kubo' which means 'strong' or 'strong fortress'.

Kuva Attractions
Kuva Attractions
Kuva Attractions

History Of Kuva :

Representing the Kuva Attractions, Kuva is one the oldest sites in the Fergana Valley. Actually Kuva City was one of the most famous centres in Fergana Valley and was established in 3rd century BC.

The first inhabitants are Turkic tribal and nomads who named the region Kuva and most famous for the largest craft market in Central Asia in the Middle Ages. Before the Arabs, Kuva was under under the names of Kuaisang, Yuan Cheng and Hongmin.

As connection with Kashgar in China with transcontinental trade, Kuva was a major political, economic, and commercial centre. The city has faced Mongol invasion during 13th Century CE and the city was completely lost. As per archaeologists, Kuva was also a glass producing centre.

The construction of the Great Fergana Canal is found in 1939. In between 1956 and 1957 that the archaeologists discovered Buddhist Complex Of Kuba Site which is an entire residential block with the remains of a cultic Buddhist temple.

Kuva Highlights Point Of Attraction :

On Uzbekistan Tours, you can see the fragments of sculptures, Godhood statues and clay statues of Buddha were discovered inside of the temple. Other Kuva Attractions include the head of goddess Shri Devi as monument and other Hindu deity is pictured as enraged women with a crown made of skulls.

As per Uzbekistan Travel Advice, March, April and from September to November is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

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