Kokand Attractions

Kokand Attractions

About Kokand :

Located 228 km southeast of Tashkent, Kokand is situated in the Fergana valley. As Kokand was the capital of the powerful Kokand Khanate, Kokand Attractions include madrassahs, mausoleums, mosque and the museums. During Uzbekistan Tours, the patterns of green and turquoise tiles on the facade of the mosques and madrassah of Kokand are unavoidable.

What makes Uzbekistan Tours more famous is the uniqueness of each city in each region. As the location of Kokand is on the crossroads of ancient trade routes into Fergana valley, Kokand is the main transport junction in the Fergana Valley and also known as the centre for the production of textiles, food, and chemicals.

Kokand Attractions
Kokand Attractions
Kokand Attractions

History Of Kokand :

As one of the most famous Uzbekistan Destinations, Kokand city has existed from 10th'century according to archaeologists. In ancient time, it was known as Khavakend and located on a caravan route between India and China. Kokand was completely ruined by Genghis Khan, the Mongols in the 13th'century. Kokand has begun as a fort in 1732 on opposite side of another older fortress called Eski-Kurgan. The fort became the capital of the Kokand Khanate in 1740. The region of Kokand has extended Qyzylorda to the west and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to the northeast, and nearly the whole territory of Uzbekistan. The Great Silk Road had played a major role in the development of the city. Kokand was the major religious center of the Fergana Valley under the khans. Once, Kokand had more than 300 mosques and 29 khan's dynasty in the history of the Khanate. Khudoyar was the last most powerful ruler from 1845 to 1876. Khudoyar-Khan was the ruler of the state just before the annexation of the Kokand Khanate to Russia.

Sightseeing In Kokand

  • Kokand Regional Studies Museum : As one of the Kokand Attractions, Kokand Regional Studies Museum has several palace rooms as accommodations. This museum is consists of six departments, which are: History, Contemporary History, Art, Nature, Scientific and Educational Work, and Museum Funds.

  • Kamol-Kazi Madrasah : Kamol-Kazi Madrasah was built in between 1830 to 1832 with the classic Kokand architecture. The entrance portal and the towers are decorated with coloured tiles and majolica in the geometric style, Arabic inscriptions and dome lamps.

  • Mukimi museum in Kokand : Located in the madrassah of Mien Khazrat, Mukimi museum is one of the best Places To Visit In Kokand. The museum consists of Mukimiy's khudjra, works of Mukimiy and the literature environment of Kokand in the second half of 19th century.

  • Khamza museum-house : Dedicated to Khamza Khakimzade Niazi, the founder of the Uzbek Soviet literature, an outstanding poet and dramatist, Khamza Museum consists of a room-cabinet father of Hamza, a famous doctor in the city-tabib, the cabinet itself Hamza, where his piano, the Uzbek musical instruments, books and magazines can be found.

  • Jami Mosque : Known as one of the Historical Centre In Kokand, Jami Mosque was built by order of Omarkhan in 1800 and today it is known as the most beautiful construction in Kokand.

  • Modari Khan Mausoleum : Built in 1825 for Omarkhan's wife Mokhlar Oyim, Modari Khan Mausoleum was the burial place for the women of the khan's family.

  • Narbuta-biy Madrasah : Narbuta-biy Madrasah is famous as the highest Muslim educational in 18th century, Famous as one of the Kokand Attractions, it is the largest madrasah of Kokand for 200 years.

  • Dakhma-yi Shahan : Dakhma-yi Shahan consists of two family vaults, one for women and another for men of Kokand Khan's family. The three parts area domed prayer room with a monumental portal, an iwan-type mosque on two columns and a crypt.

  • Bibi-Buvaida mausoleum : Known as a lady's tomb, Bibi-Buvaida mausoleum is the burial place of mother and wife of Shokhi Jalil. The doors are decorated with shallow carved geometrical ornamentation and the masonry walls inside are covered with facades ganch.

  • Khudayar-Khan Fortress : Visiting and exploring Khudayar-Khan Fortress or Complex is one of the interesting Things To In Kokand. The facade of the building dazzles with its bright colours and diverse ornamentation applied in geometric and plant patterns.

To explore the beauty of Kokand on Uzbekistan Tours, March, April and from September to October is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

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