Mirzo Ulugbek Museum

Mirzo Ulugbek Museum

Overview Mirzo Ulugbek Museum :

The Mirzo Ulugbek Museum after the great ruler Ulugbek who was not just the grandson of Temulane but also as great scientific minds of his time. On your Samarkand Tours, we suggest you visit this museum which is an important part of the Samarkand Attractions and many tourists from all over the world visit this place on their Uzbekistan Tours.

Mirzo Ulugbek Museum
Mirzo Ulugbek Museum
Mirzo Ulugbek Museum

History Of Mirzo Ulugbek Museum :

The Mirzo Ulugbek Museum after Muhammad Taragay (real name of Ulugbek)was born on 22 March 1394 as the youngest son Shahrukh the son of Amir Timur lived to mark his glorious life and impact people positively. Memorial Museum of Mirzo Ulugbek after this great personality who since childhood lived under the care of Timur's favorite wife Saray Mulk Khanum was truly blessed. Ulugbek of Uzbekistan was closely monitored by Amir Temur regarding his education and upbringing.

On 1428 the Memorial Museum of Mirzo Ulugbek in Samarkand was completed and was earlier an observatory. Ali Qureshi, Qadi-Zada al-Rumi and other famous astronomers such as al-Kashi, worked here. The Mirzo Ulugbek Statue that stands today before the memorial is a masterpiece in itself.

Mirzo Ulugbek Museum Highlights :

The Mirzo Ulugbek Museum has a collection of various miniatures by Uzbek artists depicting the scenes where Ulugbek is occupied in public affairs communicating with his students. The other collections include articles, books of that period that preserve the Ulugbek's heritage. On your Samarkand Tours, you will encounter samples of manuscripts about science, personal photos of the great scientist, and jade jar with the name of the scientist.

The reason why this place is an important Samarkand Attractions is that the museum also has the scientific artifacts like the exact coordinate's calculations of the five planets and the length of the solar year.

The museum exposition consists of two parts: the first shows the period of reign and his activities as the head of the state, in the second one he is represented as the scientist. Each part is divided into two sections.

On your Uzbekistan Tours, you can get acquainted with the themes of social and political and economical prosperity, such as the cultural, architectural, and scientific development of those times.

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