Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Overview About Yodgorlik Silk Factory :

Yodgorlik Silk Factory in the ancient city of Margilan is located in the Ferghana Valley of Uzbekistan. So, Margilan became the centre of silk in Central Asia and the factory became one of Margilan Attractions. Established in 1972, this silk-weaving factory produces the high-quality and hand-made silk in Uzbekistan.

On Uzbekistan Tours, a trip to the factory usually begins at the venerable 140 year old mulberry tree.

From there each step of the process can be seen, which is all done by hand: boiling the cocoons of the silkworms and extracting the silk thread, spinning and dyeing the silk, using vegetable dyes and sometimes crushed minerals, and lastly weaving the colourful ikat fabric on traditional looms. The fertile Ferghana Valley is a major producer of cotton whereas; the Yodgorlick Silk Factory produces a fabric which is the blend of cotton and silk, called Adras.

Known as one of the Uzbekistan Highlights, the productivity of the factory reaches six thousand meters of silk and cotton fabrics a month, woven by hand by 450 masters of ancient technology. This factory works for the modelling clothes with traditional motives and exports its fabrics to India, Iran, Russia, Korea, and Germany on the basis of long-term agreements and contracts.

Yodgorlik Silk Factory
Yodgorlik Silk Factory
Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Yodgorlik Silk Factory Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

The technological process for the appearance of a silk masterpiece consists of the colouring of fibres obtained from the silkworm and the arrival of finished threads on a loom for manual bookmarking of the finished product. The latitude of the weaving machine was standard at 264 millimetres, however, today, the weaving machines have different sizes in width, and in ancient times the latitude of the machine was standard at 264 millimetres.

The varieties of fabrics produced in Yodgorlick Silk Factory are adras, dzhuzhincha, snipe, khan-atlas (royal silk), shoyi, bos. The Uzbek fabrics, abroviy art is distinctive whereas, the reproduction of the fabric is an art.

On Uzbekistan Tours, the factory demonstrates all the stages of making of the silk product, from the cocoon to the finished product. The stage of drawing a pattern on the fabric can be seen and you can also buy a piece of history, embodied in the fabric produced today in the walls of the factory.

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