Craft Hubs Of Uzbekistan

Craft Hubs Of Uzbekistan

Why is Uzbekistan Culture and Tourism so special?

The cultural diversity and rich unique hstory of Uzbekistan is influnced by many Eastern and western civilisations that have once stepped foot in this country centuries ago when Uzbekistan was the main point of Silk Road linking many cultures and people. Wehy we love Uzbekistan is due to the Craft Hubs of Uzbekistan that have are not just tressured but held at high values in this gorgeous country. In your Uzbekistan Tours you simply cannot hold yourself back from buying these exclusive hand-made crafts as they are distinctively special.

More than 70% of the tourism footfall in the country is due to the Uzbekistan Culture And Traditions and people flock in huge numbers to witness the architectural and historical sites of Uzbekistan closely.

Crafts of Uzbekistan – Textiles, Embroideries & Ceramics

The various Craft Hubs of Uzbekistan include the following:

  • Ceramics: Uzbekistan Ceramics is the main source of occupation for many people of this country. These ceramics include cups, bowls, vases and lots of other household objects and even toys. Rishtan is believed to be the home town of ceramics in Uzbekistan.

  • Embroidery: The history behind Uzbekistan Embroidery is as unique as its design and making. In the ancient times it was obligatory for women to learn this craft to embroidery and not only this before the marriage each girl had to embroider her own articles.

  • Among the many Uzbekistan Textiles, the Silk carpets which are mostly handmade and produced from natural dyes only are very popular.

  • The national art of Uzbekistan is copper plate carving and is represented by a rich variety of ornamental geometrical arabesque constructions built in flat-salient manner of carving.

  • Another important craft of Uzbekistan Jewellery The Uzbekistan Bukhara Jewellery School is more developed compared to other Jewellery schools of is more developed than others. Traditional Bukhara jewellery include:

    • TillaKosh (head wear),

    • mohitillo (temple pendants),

    • zebi-gardan (chest jewellery) among others.

Craft Hubs Of Uzbekistan
Craft Hubs Of Uzbekistan
Craft Hubs Of Uzbekistan

Take back home memories – Shopping in Uzbekistan

The best part of the Uzbekistan Tours is that you can carry home some exclusive art and craft work from the Craft Hubs of Uzbekistan. These small Uzbekistan Souvenirs for your family and friends are delightful and special.

Shopping In Uzbekistan in different towns of Tashkent, Samarkand or Bukhara is equally exciting and can be described as colourful adventure. There are various items you can buy from different towns as mentioned below:


  • Wine

  • Clothes from local designers

  • Paper at Konigil factory

  • Silk carpets

  • Dried fruits, nuts, and local sweets


  • Handmade hats (called chigirma)

  • Handmade ceramic figurines

  • Handmade camel wool socks

  • Wood carvings

  • Wool carpets


  • Leather and modern Uzbekistan Clothing made of traditional fabrics from local designers

  • Wood carvings

  • Dried fruits, nuts, and local sweets

  • Tyubiteyka hats


  • Silk and wool carpets and rugs

  • Wood carvings

  • Suzani decorative embroidered textiles

  • Ceramics

  • Handmade bird scissors

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