Chilpik Kala

Chilpik Kala

Overview About Chilpik Kala :

With an age more than 2200 years, Chilpik Kala or Dakhma Chilpik is a round roofless tower with a height of 15 meters high, 35 meters from the ground and 65 meters in diameter, built at the top of the rounded natural hill. It is also known as an ancient Zoroastrian Tower of Silence which became famous for Uzbekistan Tours as the earliest example of the traditional funerary ritual of ancient time.

A trip to Chilpik Kala-Zoroastrian tower of silence is one of the interesting Things To Do In Khorezm region.

Chilpik Kala
Chilpik Kala
Chilpik Kala

History Of Chilpik Kala :

It was thought that Chilpik Kala was built in between the time at the end of 1st century BC and early 1st century AD. However, during Arab invasion of Khorezm in 7th century, the tower was rebuilt. In between 7th and 8th centuries, the tower or dakhma was reconstructed again.

It was used for the Zoroastrian rituals before 1st century AD. Zoroastrians were used the put the bodies of their relatives to be eaten up by the birds of prey. Then, the flesh was eaten by birds until the bones become clear from flesh. The family of dead person collected the bones and put to clay or stone urns for burial.

According to some researchers, Khorezmians used Chilpik Kala to send the signal and defence tower along with other fortresses of the Khorezm Shakh State.

Location Of Chilpik Kala :

Chilpik Kala is located on the banks of Amu Darya River of Khorezm region near Karkalpastan, an autonomous republic in Uzbekistan. The tower is 43 kilometers to the South of Nukus, near the highway to Turtkul.

Chilpik Kala Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

The fragments of clay ossuaries on the slopes give the proof about an original cult destination of the fortress as Dakhma, which was used in Zoroastrian rituals. The interior of Chiplik Kala is a plane clay area, which was covered on the backfill from fragments of black sand stone.

Early in the morning, the fortress offers an excellent view of the surroundings like the full-flowing Amu Darya, shimmering of the sun during sunrise, and surrounded green fields.

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